51-201G (OO-9) KATO & PECO Small England "Prince (Green)"
51-201G (OO-9) KATO & PECO Small England "Prince (Green)"
51-201G (OO-9) KATO & PECO Small England "Prince (Green)"

51-201G (OO-9) KATO & PECO Small England "Prince (Green)"

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In collaboration with PECO, we are proud to introduce our first OO-9 narrow gauge model, the steam locomotive “Small England Princess/Prince”.

The “Small England Princess/Prince” is a steam locomotive that represents the Ffestiniog Railway, a preserved railway with a 597 mm track gauge that is being operated in Snowdonia National Park, UK. , both of which were produced by George England and Co. from 1863 to 1867, making it one of the oldest types of this railway. Currently, the “Princess” is preserved in a static state, whereas the “Prince” is kept in an operational state and is used to pull passenger cars on preserved railroads.

◆ 009 (double O Nine) is a “narrow gauge” model train made on a 1/76 scale with a 9mm track gauge. It also runs on N scale Unitracks.
◆ This is a scale model of the very locomotive representing the heritage of the Ffestiniog Railway. The railway stopped passenger transport operations in 1939 and was closed in 1946. Shortly before the discontinuation of the railway, the locomotives were painted green and the "Princess" Pulled the last slate trains.
◆ KATO's scale models show the "Princess (green)" in its 1945 color just before the discontinuation and the "Prince (green)" in its color-changed state of the early 1960s after restoration.

①00-9 narrow scale model 1/76 9mm gauge
②Equipped with coreless motor realizing a smooth and stable run characteristic of KATO’s steam locomotives.
Wearing traction tires, the locomotive is capable of drawing 3 passenger cars made by PECO on a flat plane.
③Details are accurately reproduced including the saddle tank's unique form, the handrails and the piping.
④The front handrails of the “Princess” and the “Prince” differ from one another.
⑤Minimum radius: R117 for the locomotive alone, R216 for the locomotive drawing passenger cars made by PECO.
⑥ DCC decoders can be installed by modifying the locomotive.
⑦Equipped with KATO Arnold coupler, and supplementary PECO coupler.