Kato 4865 Coach KUMOYA 90 0 (Motor) N Scale
Kato 4865 Coach KUMOYA 90 0 (Motor) N Scale

Kato 4865 Coach KUMOYA 90 0 (Motor) N Scale

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The Kumoya 90 is a vehicle that has been used as a commercial vehicle in various train wards. In 1966, it was remodeled from the Moha 72 of the commuter type 73 series of the old national train, and it is used for shunting towing such as division and merging in the train ward, forwarding of cars entering the factory, and control for test run. It is a DC commercial vehicle that was active as a car, and because of its role, it can be connected to various old and new trains, and was called a tow vehicle.

A body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook) is attached, and you can enjoy the replacement of various vehicles from commuter trains to limited express trains and the reproduction of test run scenes.
-Commercialized the Kumoya 90, a commercial car that was remodeled from the old model Kokuden 73 series. Available in two types, with and without a motor
-Accurately reproduce the brown car body and the three-stage windows lined up on the side that leaves a strong impression of the 73 series
● The coupler is equipped with a body-mounted KATO close-coupled coupler (with hook) on one side and an Arnold coupler (bogie mount) on the other side as standard equipment. Body mount KATO coupler densely connected type # 2 (without hook) included for replacement
-Glove type ventilator reproduces the shape peculiar to the old type national railway
● Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel. No traction tires
● Headlights / taillights are standard equipment on both cabs (with a light-off switch)
● "90 times" has been printed on the lighting type operation display curtain.
● Accessories: Body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook)