Greenmax 30932 Kintetsu 12600 New Color Basic 4 Cars
Greenmax 30932 Kintetsu 12600 New Color Basic 4 Cars

Greenmax 30932 Kintetsu 12600 New Color Basic 4 Cars

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Product introduction
Greenmax finished N gauge vehicle, Kintetsu 12600 series (new paint) basic 4-car set (with power).

Commercialized with a new mold after the crew door was replaced by updating the 12600 Series B
The front head mark is illuminated (white) and the display is printed with "Nagoya" (curtain specifications)
Car number, side destination display (white background), seat display, car number display (black base only) have been printed
Front headlight case, head mark frame, marker light cover, wiper printed
Train radio antenna, fuse box installed by customer, odor removal already installed
Headlights (white), taillights (red), front headmarks (white), passage signs, etc. (white) light up while driving
Interior sheet molded in blue
Different types of rooftop piping are created with the basic set and the extension set depending on the car number of the model 12650.
Equipped with coreless motor power unit with flywheel

*Product specifications may differ from the actual vehicle.

[Product composition and organization example]
← Osaka Namba/Toba
[12602] + [12752] + [12652(M)] + [12702]

The Kintetsu 12600 series is a model that was manufactured as a modified version of the 12410 series in 1982 with a four-car train.
In 1986, 12602 trains were added, but there were one pantograph for Mc cars and one for M cars, and toilet and washroom windows were omitted.
When updating the 12601 train, the number of pantographs was reduced from two to one and toilet and washroom windows were filled.
In addition, in the recent vehicle renewal work (B renewal), a smoking room was set up, the crew doors were replaced, and new paint was applied.
There are two groups and a minority group, but the feature is that the rooftop structure is different for each due to the difference in the appearance above.
It's a sequel.
[Product specifications]
Scale: N gauge (9mm)
Product form: Painted finished product
Body Material: Plastic
Motor: Yes (Power with flywheel)
Lights: Headlights (white), taillights (red), front headmarks (white), passage signs (white) light up
Supported options:
GM indoor lighting unit (narrow width, white) (No.8461: 2 pieces, No.8462: 4 pieces)
TOMIX TN coupler (tight type [with electric ream], gray) (JC25)
GM Kintetsu 12410/12600 compatible destination display sticker/replacement head mark set (No.8025)