Greenmax 31686 Hanshin Series 5500 4 Cars N Scale
Greenmax 31686 Hanshin Series 5500 4 Cars N Scale

Greenmax 31686 Hanshin Series 5500 4 Cars N Scale

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Hanshin Series 5500 4 Cars
The Hanshin 5500 series is a commuter train with 19m3 doors for regular use that appeared in 1995. Hanshin's first VVVF inverter control device is adopted, and it is a vehicle with high acceleration and deceleration performance, which is also a feature of Hanshin Electric Railway's regular vehicles, and is called a jet car.
Until now, the body color of Hanshin's regular train cars was cream in the upper half and blue in the lower half, but from this car, the upper half is allegro blue and the lower half is silky gray, making it a symbol of the new era of Hanshin Electric Railway.
Since 2016, the renovation work has been started sequentially, and the interior equipment has been updated and the paint has been changed.
■Hanshin 5500 series non-updated car that was active on the Hanshin Line local train
■ White LED headlights ・Appearance after 2015 (Heisei 27) after attaching the “Tightly important” mark

■Vehicle number, company crest, and the "Important" mark are printed.
■Destination display on the front/side, mildly cooled cars, mobile phones, and priority seats are attached stickers (new production).
■ User-installed train radio antenna, fuse box, lightning arrester
■ Headlights (white) and taillights (red) light up
Equipped with coreless motor power unit with flywheel
■Implemented long seat parts with car ends

* Some product specifications may differ from the actual vehicle.