Hasegawa 1:72 AIRCRAFT SERIES P-47D THUNDERBOLT Plastic model
Hasegawa 1:72 AIRCRAFT SERIES P-47D THUNDERBOLT Plastic model

Hasegawa 1:72 AIRCRAFT SERIES P-47D THUNDERBOLT Plastic model

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Scale... 1:72
Item no … A8 (00138)
The P-47 design is about to be equipped with a 2,000 hp air-cooled double radial 18-cylinder engine and an exhaust turbine.
It started with The prototype XP-47B made its maiden flight on May 6, 1941, with a gross weight of 5,480 kg.
The surroundings were stunned by the size of the aircraft, and were surprised by the flight result of the maximum speed of 663 km/h.
-However, there were many initial problems, such as insufficient strength, the windshield not opening, and the fuel system malfunctioning.
However, the US Army placed an order for this new fighter, and 171 were produced.
 At the end of 1942, production of the P-47C with a 200-gallon drop tank began, and it entered the front lines.
When deployed, the radius of action was greatly expanded, making it possible to penetrate deep into enemy territory.
Subsequently, the further improved P-47D recorded 697 km/h at an altitude of 9,200 m, a performance difference with enemy fighters.
has been expanded more and more.
-In the D type, the streamlined fuselage of the leather back was abolished to improve the rear visibility, and the water drop type
The aircraft with windshield is the P-47D-25 or later type, and although the maximum speed has decreased slightly, it is extremely
It becomes a well-balanced fighter, and combined with the exhaust turbine equipment, it can fly from high to low altitudes,
It demonstrated high performance at all altitudes, and was particularly ferocious in ground attacks.

[Data] (P-47D-25)
  Crew: 1 person, total width: 12.43m, total length: 10.92m, total height: 4.17m, wing area: 27.87m2, gross weight: 6,623kg,
 Engine: P&W R-2800-59, output: 2,300 hp, cruising range: 949 km, maximum speed: 690 km/h,
Fixed armament: 12.7mm machine gun x8, Bomb: 454kg bomb x2