Kato 1-306 Electric Loco. EF65 1000 Late  HO Scale

Kato 1-306 Electric Loco. EF65 1000 Late HO Scale

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Electric Locomotive EF65 #1000 and over (EF65-1000) made its debut in 1969 and pulled a variety of trains, ranging from sleeper blue-trains to normal freight trains in many regions all over Japan electrified with DC power.
Designed for multiple-unit (mu) coupling for increased pulling power, the EF65-1000 has a through door on its nose, a major difference in the appearance from EF65-0 or EF65-500. It also has equipment against cold and snowy weather for operation during winter in northern Japan, on Tohoku and Shin-etsu lines. (139) Ef65-1000 units were produced in total during its manufacturing period, with minor differences in the shape of pantograph, number plate and tail lamp and with or without front ventilator openings. This locomotive is still active in transport in Japan.

● Precise representation of specifications and characteristics of EF65-1000 Late
● Equipped with PS22 Pantographs a characteristic unique to EF65-1000 Late
● Driving unit with flywheel realizes powerful and smooth driving performance.
● Quick install head mark using magnetic power (PAT)
● Representation of driver's cabin (Control panel chair interiors)
● Optional number plates (Decal)
● Equipped with NMRA 8-pin interface for DCC