Kato 1-314 (HO) EF510-500 Hokutosei (515)
Kato 1-314 (HO) EF510-500 Hokutosei (515)
Kato 1-314 (HO) EF510-500 Hokutosei (515)
Kato 1-314 (HO) EF510-500 Hokutosei (515)
Kato 1-314 (HO) EF510-500 Hokutosei (515)

Kato 1-314 (HO) EF510-500 Hokutosei (515)

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Electric locomotive EF510, transferred from JR East Japan to JR Freight, will be made in HO scale to look very powerful. It is characterized with the color scheme which has a shooting star removed from the original Hokutosei (North Star) color scheme in the design accented by a golden belt on the blue body. The locomotives in this livery pull container trains traversing the coast on Japan Sea from north to south along with those in other color schemes.
 The concept for this product to materialize is a handy HO scale locomotive. It negotiates 360 mm radius when run alone. The headlight is turned on when advancing. The taillights are turned off when pulling a train, the right and left taillights are turned on when deadheaded alone. Only one of the two side lights is turned on while switching trains.


● The power unit is a bogie power unit system. Equipped with coreless motor
● Achieves a minimum passing radius of 360 mm for a single machine
-Head / tail lights are available with specifications that allow you to enjoy a variety of ways to play. The headlight is a light bulb color LED that lights up when moving forward. The tail light is a mode selection with a train radio antenna type changeover switch. 3 modes of lighting can be reproduced
・ "Running mode" ・ ・ ・ Non-lighting mode when towing a train
・ "Single machine forwarding mode" ・ ・ ・ Rear end left and right lighting mode when single machine forwarding
・ "Shunting mode" ・ ・ ・ One-sided lighting mode can be selected at both ends during shunting.
● Considering the installation of a DCC sound decoder, a see-through side air filter that combines the texture of the real thing and sound omission is installed.
● A space for mounting a DCC decoder and sound-compatible speakers is secured inside the vehicle body. Please ask our custom shop to install the DCC decoder (under consideration of implementation time).
-Accurately reproduce the metal single arm pantograph FPS5 pantograph
● Reduce user-installed parts as much as possible. "READY TO RUN" that you can enjoy driving immediately if you take it out of the box
-The body number is printed (JR freight machine is EF510-6, Cassiopeia color is EF510-510). Printed various notations including inspection notations

● (HO) EF510 500 Hokutosei color
・ Metal wire is used for the roof wiring, and the high-voltage insulator is green to express the application of insulating grease.
・ Quick head mark is attached to Hokutosei color and Cassiopeia color
-The number is printed with "EF 510 515".
・ Accessories: Tail light lighting pattern changeover switch driver, quick head mark
-By using the separately sold "28-170 EF510 Upgrade Parts Set 1 (Handling Hobby Center Kato)", it is possible to improve the details of each part such as hand pickpockets.