Kato 1-322 (HO) EF81-95 Rainbow Paint Electric Locomotive N Scale
Kato 1-322 (HO) EF81-95 Rainbow Paint Electric Locomotive N Scale

Kato 1-322 (HO) EF81-95 Rainbow Paint Electric Locomotive N Scale

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(HO) EF81-95 Rainbow

Kato will make a scale model of the electric locomotive EF81 95 Rainbow Color which can be combined with various trains.

EF81 95 emerged in 1987 along with EF65 1019 in the special paint scheme as a locomotive dedicated to draw European style passenger train “Super Express Rainbow”. The locomotives were later used not only for the passenger train but also for sleeper expresses “Hokutosei (North Star)”, “Akebono (Dawn)” and other extra trains and freight trains.
The locomotive attracted attention for the logo “EF81” painted large on the sides.
The popular EF81 95 rainbow coating machine is now available on the KATO HO gauge. At the same time, you can set upgrade parts such as hand pickpockets according to the body color to improve the details of each part, and you can also enjoy reproducing the appearance of your favorite era.


● (HO) EF81 95 Rainbow painting machine
・ September 2009 EF81 95 after all detection sites is a prototype
・ Achieves stable running performance and traction force similar to existing products (1-320 / 321)
-Equipped with a tail light lighting gimmick. Switchable to single machine operation mode (lights on both sides), shunting mode (lights on one side when moving forward), towing mode (tail light off)
・ In addition to endless driving, we also recommend shunting operation in a small space using the separately sold caddy coupler and uncoupler tracks.
・ Insulator is reproduced in green
-Reproduce the black H rubber of each part and the dark gray of the hem band
・ License plate and maker's plate are already installed
・ Includes head marks that can reproduce each train ("Hokutosei", "Elm", "Cassiopeia", "Akebono")
-By using the separately sold upgrade parts set, in addition to improving the details of each part such as the handrail, it is possible to reproduce the appearance of 2002-2009 (2002-2009) with the logo on the side light window.