Kato 1-323 (HO) EF81 81 North Star Color
Kato 1-323 (HO) EF81 81 North Star Color

Kato 1-323 (HO) EF81 81 North Star Color

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(HO) EF81 "North Star" color
The EF81 81 with its silver ornamentations particular to an imperial train is now here in HO gauge. Among the EF8 that belonged to the Tabata Operation Center (in charge of the popular "Hokutosei" sleeper express), only the EF81 81is ornamented with beautiful silver plating that tells of its past as an imperial train. While in service at the Tabata Operation Center, it was not only used as the tractor of the "Hokutosei"(North Star) sleeper express, but also for a wide range of other vehicles such as the "Akebono"(Daybreak) , extra trains, or freight trains. Since August 2014, it has been in service with its original imperial train paint restored. Not only does it run stably and with great hauling power, but the minimum passing radius for a single car in HO gauge is 370mm. No matter if in a small space or as a full composition, many ways of enjoying this train are possible. We recommend this locomotive as the tractor of the simultaneously released "Yumekukan"(Dreamy Space) or "Hokutosei"(North Star).

・Window pane seals are recreated in black.
・Includes number plate (EF81 81) and maker plate (Hitachi).
・Quick headmark change is supported. One headmark for "Hokutosei" and "Yumekukan" each are included.
・Stable operations and strong hauling power are realized. A single car can pass R370 curves.
・The taillights can be set to either single car mode (both sides illuminated), switch mode (one side illuminated when advancing forwards), or hauling mode (taillight is not illuminated).