Kato 1-422 (HO) KUMOHA 40 Coach N Scale
Kato 1-422 (HO) KUMOHA 40 Coach N Scale
Kato 1-422 (HO) KUMOHA 40 Coach N Scale

Kato 1-422 (HO) KUMOHA 40 Coach N Scale

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The 40 series train was manufactured by the Ministry of Railways, the predecessor of the Japanese National Railways, from 1932 to 1942, and is an old model train with a steel body that first adopted a 20-meter class 3-door long seat.
This train was introduced in conjunction with the opening of electrification between Shijozushi and Katamachi on the Katamachi Line in Osaka, and more than 400 vehicles were manufactured in 11 years as standard trains in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. It is characterized by various forms within the same group because design changes were repeated during long-term manufacturing and modifications were also made.
KATO will re-appear with improved <Kumoha 40> and <Kumoha 41 + Kuha 55 2-car set> from the JNR 40 series trains in response to calls for a full lineup of HO gauge products. You can enjoy the 40 series trains that have been active all over the country with your favorite car number. Why don't you try to reproduce the car and formation that you have a feeling for?
Features Features
● The power unit has been improved from the production this time. Ensuring powerful driving by driving all axes.
● Light bulb color LED is applied to the headlights.
● DCC NMRA 8-pin plug compatible (motor control only), equipped with a light ON / OFF switch.
● Vehicle type (Kuha / Kumoha), conversion / inspection, security device, capacity notation, end notation, door cock position display have been printed. A lettering sheet is available for car number notation and affiliation notation.
● Newly set front sabot receiver and destination display sticker.
-Handrails, fusees, and steps are separate parts.
● Can run on R370 curved tracks with two or more cars.