Kato 1-456 (HO) SAHA 165-0
Kato 1-456 (HO) SAHA 165-0

Kato 1-456 (HO) SAHA 165-0

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Series 165 is a well-known DC express electric train which has expanded the express train network of JNR.
For operation in mountainous areas, it is not only increased in the main motor’s output power but also equipped with on-slope holding brake, notch-back control and cold and snow-proof systems. The total of 701 trains were manufactured in 7 year’s period from 1963.
This was the last DC express train of JNR which had the 1st class so-called green cars and buffet cars connected and was widely deployed as express or local trains in Tohoku (south of Kuroishi), Joetsu, Ko-shin-etsu, Boso, Tokai, Nanki areas, etc.

- (HO) Renewal of the 165 series by adopting truck power to the motor car. When motorizing the bogie, the motor car is set to Moha 164, which is always included in the organization
-The towing performance of one powered vehicle is a guideline of 4 vehicles including the powered vehicle itself.
●Mixing with conventional products is also possible. *We do not recommend driving with a mixture of old and new power, as it will hinder smooth running.
- First commercialization of Saha 165 0 series. Roof with few ventilators because it is a new air-conditioning car, 2 windows on the front side, and the rear side has no cooling airway.
-The light unit uses LEDs for each vehicle (headlights: light bulb color, front display curtain: white). Express the number display on the cab parts (non-lighting)
- Signal flame tube of Kuha 165 / Kumoha 165 is set in orange
- All H rubber around the window is reproduced in gray. The H rubber of the odor removal window is also reproduced in gray.
- Head marks are attached to the 3-car set: [Sado] [Tokai] [Sotobo] [Uchibo]
● DCC non-compliant

【set content】
- Saha 165 0 series

- Penetrating holo (with door / without door)
Body support
-Vehicle number lettering sheet