Kato 1-568  (HO) Sleeper Express "Hokutosei" OHANE25 550 Single
Kato 1-568  (HO) Sleeper Express "Hokutosei" OHANE25 550 Single

Kato 1-568 (HO) Sleeper Express "Hokutosei" OHANE25 550 Single

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In 1988, with the opening of the Seikan Tunnel connecting Honshu and Hokkaido, it appeared as a sleeper limited express connecting Ueno and Sapporo. The service was like a hotel, and it was well received, and three round trips were operated at its peak. Due to the birth of "Cassiopeia", the number of flights was reduced to one round trip in 2006, and at the end of regular service, cars 1 to 6 such as the lobby and private room B sleeper are JR Hokkaido affiliated cars, dining cars ( Cars 7 to 11 and power supply cars centered on the Grand Chario) and the private room A sleeper consisted of vehicles belonging to JR East.
・ A prototype of a train that is a mixture of JR Hokkaido trains and JR East trains (around 2010)
-Reproduce the vehicle with a unique window arrangement different from the original 24 series and a blue body that is unique to "Hokutosei" composed of private rooms and fastened with a gold band
・ The roof of the crab 24 is reproduced after renewal and remodeling.
-Realistic reproduction of the state of the roof board
・ Representing the interior of the guest room that can be seen from the side window (Sushi 24: Chair table, Orone 25: Compartment partition, Crab 24: Power generation engine, etc.)
・ Orohane 24, Sushi 24, Suhane 25 and Ohane 25 have curtains on the first floor.
・ The lamp shade of Sushi 24 lights up beautifully in the color of a light bulb.
・ Car body notation printed
-The side destination display is replaceable and removable, and "Hokutoboshi / Sapporo" is set. "Hokutosei / Ueno" is included as a replacement part. Duet only car number transfer sticker included
-Realistic reproduction of the emblem that is characteristic of "Hokutosei"
・ Crab 24 and Ohanefu 25 have tail lights and train marks on each car.
・ The tail mark is equipped with "Hokutosei" as standard equipment.
・ Adopts KATO coupler telescopic close contact self-contained type
・ Compatible with all car interior lights (sold separately). To avoid seeing the lighting board from the window on the 2nd floor, apply the separately sold LED interior light clear for N gauge.
・ DCC friendly