Kato 1-607-1 ( HO ) Kiha 82 1 pc
Kato 1-607-1 ( HO ) Kiha 82 1 pc
Kato 1-607-1 ( HO ) Kiha 82 1 pc
Kato 1-607-1 ( HO ) Kiha 82 1 pc

Kato 1-607-1 ( HO ) Kiha 82 1 pc

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Kiha 82 series
- Faithfully model the form of the mid-1970s of the heyday of diesel express trains.
・The Kiha 82 is equipped with head/tail lights as standard equipment (with a light-off switch). Light bulb color is used for the headlights, and white LEDs are used for the train mark lighting. Train marks and lights are realistically reproduced.
-Kiha 80 power car adopts a power unit that has a good reputation in HO gauge Kiha 58. Smooth and powerful running is possible.
-Faithfully reproduces the beautiful proportions including the front shape of the Kiha 82 series.
-Beautifully reproduces the paint color of the 82 series railcar, which is painted separately into red No. 2 and cream No. 4.
・Employs window glass colored blue to imitate heat-absorbing glass
-Kiha 82 modeled as a prototype of the late model with an additional cooler from the time of manufacture
- Beautifully reproduces the engine-colored seat of 80 km and the notation of the green car.
・DCC NMRA 8 pin plug compatible (motor control only)
-Equipped with KATO coupler close contact self-contained type (PAT.) that reproduces the form of the actual vehicle's coupler and enables the coupling function and smooth curve passage scenes.
-You can select your favorite number and notation on the detailed lettering sheet for the body number and notation.
- Destination display sticker included.
・Kiha 82 series 4-car basic set and Kiha 82 single item come with interchangeable train marks. (Ohzora, Swan, Seagull, Matsukaze)