Kato 1-607-1 (HO)Kiha 82
Kato 1-607-1 (HO)Kiha 82
Kato 1-607-1 (HO)Kiha 82
Kato 1-607-1 (HO)Kiha 82

Kato 1-607-1 (HO)Kiha 82

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Kato will make KIHA 81 and KIHA 82-900 in HO scale.

KIHA 81 made the debut as the first group of the first diesel limited express series KIHA 81 drawing “Limited Express Hatsukari” in the unique form with front engine and pulled later various limited expresses at the top.

KIHA 82-900 emerged by converting the top car of the first version of KIRO 80 in 1968 and later. It is featured window layout it had when it was used as a 1st class (green) car. After it was operated as limited express “Inaho”, “Tsubasa” and “Hitachi”, it was transferred to Hokkaido and ran as “Okhotsk” and “Hokuto”.
Both of them contributed much to the modernization of passenger train transport by building up the network of JR limited expresses.


Kiha 82 series
-Faithfully model the form of the mid-1965s during the heyday of the diesel train limited express.
-Kiha 82 is equipped with a head / tail light as standard equipment (with a light-off switch). Light bulb color is used for the headlights, and white LEDs are used for the train mark lighting. Realistic reproduction of train marks and lights.
-The Kiha80 power car uses a power unit that has a good reputation in the HO gauge Kiha58. Smooth and powerful driving is possible.
-Faithfully reproduce the beautiful proportions including the front shape of the Kiha 82 series.
-Beautifully reproduces the paint color of the 82 series diesel railcars painted in red No. 2 and cream No. 4.
・ Uses blue-colored window glass that imitates heat-absorbing glass
・ Kiha 82 is a prototype of the late model with an additional cooler from the time of manufacture.
-Beautifully reproduces the notation of the green car and the enji-colored seat of 80 km.
・ DCC NMRA 8-pin plug compatible (motor control only)
-The KATO coupler close contact self-coupling type (PAT.) That reproduces the form of the actual vehicle coupler and enables the coupling function and smooth curve passing scene is standard equipment.
-The car body number and car body notation can be selected to your favorite number and notation with a detailed lettering sheet.
-Comes with a destination display sticker.
-Kiha 82 series 4-car basic set and Kiha 82 separately come with a replaceable train mark. (Ozora, swan, seagull, matsukaze)