Kato 10-021 Alpine Glacier Express Starter Set "Glacier On Tour" (New Motor) N Scale
Kato 10-021 Alpine Glacier Express Starter Set "Glacier On Tour" (New Motor) N Scale

Kato 10-021 Alpine Glacier Express Starter Set "Glacier On Tour" (New Motor) N Scale

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The Glacier Express is an international tourist train that represents Switzerland and is famous in Japan.
-Penetrate the European Alps in southwestern Switzerland, travel from Zermatt to St. Moritz, straddling two railway companies, the Rhaetian Railway and the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, slowly over 8 hours and enjoy the majestic Alpine train window. It is gaining popularity as a panorama sightseeing train.
- Combined with other Rhaetian Railway series, you can reproduce various Swiss driving scenes.
-From this product, the Ge4/4-III motor included in the basic / starter set will be changed to a slotless motor. Along with that, the product number, JAN code, and price will be changed.
* The add-on set is a reproduction. Product specifications remain unchanged.
* Some images are the previous product.

[Product Features]
- Exhaustively reproduces the style composed of the new [Premium Passenger Car] replaced in 2006
-Production of narrow gauge railway vehicles called meter gauges on 1/150 scale
-Small radius compatible vehicle that can pass Unitrack Compact R150
-Reproduce the open interior with large windows, and if you put a passenger doll (sold separately) to enjoy the magnificent scenery, you can create fun unique to the Glacier Express.
-Equipped with an easy-to-use Arnold coupler as standard equipment

[Starter Set Alps Glacier Express <Glacier on Tour>]
-Switzerland's representative tourist train [Glacier Express]. It is a starter set that allows you to easily start the attractive figure with N gauge.
- CV1 endless basic set (radius R150), 821mm x 347mm running unitrack track with 2 S248 tracks and railroad crossing track, power pack standard SX included.
-You can easily enjoy the Glacier Express on your table or desk at home.
The power pack is easy to use and uses a high output (1.2A) [Power Pack Standard SX] / [AC adapter for starter set].
-Limited setting of the locomotive (Ge4/4-III) of the special painting machine [Glacier on Tour] commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Glacier Express limited to the starter set.
-Silver paint with mirror gloss on crimson body. The painting is different on the front and back, vividly reproducing the 651 machine with two faces of red and silver.
-The locomotive uses a slotless motor for smoother and quieter running. All cars are equipped with Arnold couplers as standard, so you can enjoy stable driving.
- Passenger cars reproduce the open interior with large windows, and passengers (sold separately) who enjoy the magnificent scenery can be placed on the glacier express.
- The starter set vehicle can be stored in the book case of the Alps Glacier Express 4-car extension set.

【set content】
-Ge4/4IIIRhB651: 1 unit
- First class car Ap1314: 1 unit
-Second class Bp2535: 1 unit
-Straight line 248mm: 2
- Straight line 124 mm: 2
-Curved line R150-45 °: 8
- Relay line 124 mm: 1 piece
- Straight line 62 mm: 1 piece
-Feeder line 62mm: 1
-Feeder cord: 1
- Relayer: 1 piece
-Unjoiner removal: 1 piece
-Power pack standard SX: 1 unit

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