Kato 10-030 Series E235 Starter Set  N Scale
Kato 10-030 Series E235 Starter Set  N Scale

Kato 10-030 Series E235 Starter Set N Scale

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With the large front windows, display apparatus and characteristic exterior design, series E235 drew attention as a new generation commuter train. Before the Tokyo Olympics is held in spring of 2020, all the existing series E231-500 will be replaced by this model that will be a new standard for JR East Japan's commuter trains.

The N-scale starter set series E235 Yamanote Line is a complete set of Kato ’s N-scale model of the popular train.

Adopting the power pack standard SX with high output power (1.2A) to deal with a longer train consist, this set is recommendable for those who want to begin the hobby of scale model trains.

● N gauge starter set E235 series Yamanote line
-For the set vehicle, select the popular E235 series Yamanote line.
・ Smooth running by adopting the curved track R315 with a margin!
-The power pack of the set adopts the high output (1.2A) "Power Pack Standard SX" and "AC adapter for starter set" that can be used for long trains.
-Addition of Unitrack "V line set series" enables various line development!
-The plan variation guide enclosed in the set is a treasure trove of track plans. You can enjoy more expansive system development.
・ Package size is shared with M1 master set (size width 390 mm x height 355 mm x depth 110 mm)
-There is a secret pocket inside the package, which can store the case of the vehicle set and railroad tracks that you purchased later.
Set configuration
・ E235 series Yamanote Line basic set (4 cars)
Kuha E234-3 + Moha E235-8 (M) + Saha E235-4603 + Kuha E235-3
-Accurately reproduces the delicate gradation of the yellow-green line color on the front and door.
-Head / tail lights are lit.
・ Power pack standard SX x 1, AC adapter for starter set x 1
・ Unitrack (equivalent to Master Series (M1), size 1337mm x 677mm)
・ Relayer x 1 (with unijoiner removal), straight line 248 mm x 4, straight line 62 mm x 1, curved line R315-45 x 8, straight line 124 mm x 1, railroad crossing line 124 mm x 1, feeder line 62 ㎜
・ Quick start guide (instruction manual)
・ Plan variation guide

This product is 100V voltage. (For a country with a voltage of 240 V, a voltage converter is required.)

The railroad model vehicle runs by running the electricity lowered from a household power supply to a safe voltage on two rails. Plus and minus electricity flow to the two rails. If you place metal such as a driver on the rail, it will short ! !  Please be careful.



1) The product is special. Not suitable for children under 15 years old. If you are under 15 years old, please play with parents.

2) This product uses small parts. Please do not give to children under 3 years absolutely.

3) Please discard waste when processing and assembling.

4) The axle and the tip of the rail will be inferior in function. Please be careful not to injure yourself accidentally.

5) When derailed, the motor power unit may generate heat. Please turn off the power immediately. When you do not drive, please be sure to remove the AC adapter.