Kato 10-1129 Series 485 Late 2-Car Add-On Set  N Scale
Kato 10-1129 Series 485 Late 2-Car Add-On Set  N Scale

Kato 10-1129 Series 485 Late 2-Car Add-On Set N Scale

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● Express train 485 series representing the JNR era. Reproduced the appearance of the mid-1980s, which ran across the country with cream and red body.
● Fully renewed the 485 series 300s in the heyday after the schedule revision in October 1978, which became the illustration head mark.
● The Kuha 481, the leading car in the basic set, reproduces the non-penetrating 300 series that was nicknamed the “electric kettle”.
-The intermediate model Moha 484/485, Salo 481, Sashi 481 reproduces the appearance of the late AU13E (Moha 484 is AU71A) cooler.
● The extension set is a two-car set of the intermediate electric car Moha 484/485, two types, an initial type and a late type called 200 series.
● The initial type is equipped with mushroom type cooler AU12, and the latter type is equipped with centralized type AU71A for Moha 484 and distributed type AU13E for Moha 485.
● By combining the basic set with the late / early form and two types of extension sets, you can reproduce and enjoy various formations.
● The body-mounted KATO coupler densely connected type is standard equipment in the middle connecting part of each car.
-The top part of Kuha 481, the top car 300 series, is a dummy coupler. Equipped with a detachable coupler cover (cream color).
● The basic specifications are based on the (Model No .: 10-241 / -242) 485 series early type "Thunderbird" set, and can be enjoyed by connecting to each other.
● The train mark converter for the first 300 cars is equipped with four types of illustrations: Hibari, Hitachi, Swan, and Shirasagi.
● The basic set comes with a seal for the full train (side curtain and car number).
● The single Kuha 481 100 is the leading car in the hood style. Commercialized the 100s with enhanced motor generator (MG) output.
● By replacing the top car of the basic set, you can enjoy composition with various expressions unique to the 485 series.
● The head mark is equipped with "Lark" (character).