Kato 10-1148 Series 181 - 100 Toki Azusa Add On
Kato 10-1148 Series 181 - 100 Toki Azusa Add On

Kato 10-1148 Series 181 - 100 Toki Azusa Add On

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The 181 series is a vehicle that represents the DC express train which was born by strengthening the output based on the National Express Train 151 (161) express train system. In addition to removing the headlights on the head car cabin in preparation for replacing the controller accompanying the installation of the gradient suppressing brake and operation at the center line, strengthening the cold tolerance equipment, It is characterized by taking over from the 161 series bonnet Akabane which is a proof of the mountain line specification.

● 181 series 100 series "Toki · Azusa"
· 181 series which took over the flow of 151 series which is the first train limited express, newly commercialized hood style representing Nippon Steel limited express.
· Joetsu Line express "When" prototypes the newly made 100 series, and fully redesigned it as a product.
· First car Kuha 181 100 series is newly produced. Representing the cabin roof without bonnet headlights and the bonnet red belt by printing. Exactly reproduces the characteristics of the cold tolerance specification such as the differences in the features around the hood and skirts that were shortened with snow shoulder equipment.
· The intermediate car Moha 181 / Moro 181 expresses the forced ventilated resistor which is the characteristic of the 181 series, reproducing the heavy underfloor for the mountain line.
· Reproduce the difference of trolley which is the feature of the series of 181 series 100, with DT 32 truck at Moha 180/181, TR 66 truck mounted at Kuha 181 / sashi 181.
· Unlike 151 series, it expresses likeness of 181 series everywhere. You can enjoy strange new and old mix of 100 series newly manufactured cars and 151 series remodeled cars.
· Frontal head mark is equipped as "standard" (character) as "standard". "Azusa" (character) and "When" (illustration) are included, which were commonly used for replacement.
· Inside side destination display, stickers corresponding to each train name are attached. Green car mark of Moro 180/181 has already printed.
- Power is equipped with a power unit with a well-established flywheel. You can enjoy steady running even in full formation.
· Body mount type KATO coupler telescopic close-up type is provided as standard in the middle part of the coupler. Reproduce the actual distance between cars.
· Package is a basic set / extension set, 6-in-place book case specifications.