Kato 10-1148 Series 181-100 "Toki/Azusa" 6-Car Add-On Set N Gauge
Kato 10-1148 Series 181-100 "Toki/Azusa" 6-Car Add-On Set N Gauge

Kato 10-1148 Series 181-100 "Toki/Azusa" 6-Car Add-On Set N Gauge

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Series 181 is a representative AC limited express electric train which is powered up on the basis of JR’s Series 151 (161) limited express. It is characterized by reinforced motor power, control equipment changed for brake to reduce speed on slopes, removed top headlight and strengthened cold and snow resistant apparatus. All of these were made to operate the train in mountainous Chuo Line. Because of this, the locomotive has taken over the red lines on the bonnet from Series 161 as the proof of train for mountainous regions.
Called “Kodama type” following name of the first limited express electric train of JR, it used to run as a limited express train connecting the Tokyo metropolitan area and Joetsu and Shin-etsu line areas until it retired in 1982 when the Shinkansen line was opened.

181 series 100 series "Toki Azusa"
-Newly commercialized the 181 series, which inherited the flow of the 151 series, which is the first limited express train, and the bonnet style that represents the Japanese National Railways limited express.
-The Joetsu Line Limited Express "Toki" is fully renewed and accurately commercialized with the newly manufactured 100 series as a prototype.
・ The leading car Kuha 181 100 series is newly manufactured. The cab roof without clean headlights and the red belt of the bonnet are printed. Accurately reproduces the features of cold and snow resistant specifications such as the difference in the structure around the bonnet and the skirt shortened by the snowplow equipment.
-The intermediate car Moha 181 / Moro 181 expresses the forced ventilation type resistor that is characteristic of the 181 series, and reproduces the heavy underfloor for mountain lines.
-Reproduce the difference in the bogie that is the feature of the 181 series 100 series, the Moha 180/181 is equipped with the DT32 bogie, and the Kuha181 / Sashi181 is equipped with the TR69 bogie.
-Expressing the 181 series, which is different from the 151 series, everywhere. You can enjoy the mystery of old and new cars made in the 100s and modified cars of the 151 series.
・ "Toki" (character) is standard equipment for the frontal head mark. Includes "Azusa" (characters) and "Toki" (illustration), which were common operations for replacement.
-The side destination display comes with a sticker corresponding to each train name. The green car mark of Moro 180/181 has been printed.
-Power is equipped with a power unit with a well-established flywheel. You can enjoy stable running even with a full train.
-The coupler is equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler telescopic close-coupled type as standard equipment in the middle part. Reproduce the realistic body spacing.
-The package is a 6-car book case specification for both the basic set and the add-on set.