Kato 10-1152 E233 Series 3000 Takasaki Utsunomiya Line 5 Cars Set Add On N Scale
Kato 10-1152 E233 Series 3000 Takasaki Utsunomiya Line 5 Cars Set Add On N Scale

Kato 10-1152 E233 Series 3000 Takasaki Utsunomiya Line 5 Cars Set Add On N Scale

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New route in the metropolitan area "Tohoku Long-Term Line". The nickname is "Ueno Tokyo Line" announced and it is planned to drive trains of the Takasaki line · Utsunomiya line which had been stopped at Ueno Station and the Tokaido line which was Tokyo stop stopped directly, mutually. Following the "Shonan Shinjuku Line" west of the Yamanote line, passing through Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Shibuya, we are hoping for a new capital longitudinal line. Ueno It is E233 series 3000 series that was introduced for the purpose of replacing the 211 system which was operated in the Takasaki line · Utsunomiya line as preparation stage to start operation at the Tokyo line.
The E233 series is now a commuter and suburban train of JR East which became familiar completely now, after appearing in the Chuo Line in 2006 (2006), he worked in each capital area line, Heisei 24 (2012) The 3000 series for use started commercial operation.
On the Takasaki Line · Utsunomiya Line, the 3000 series currently in operation is a style in which the toilet related equipment was installed in No. 6 car in the middle of the formation, and has been active for the opening of the Ueno Tokyo line.
Main features
- For the Ueno Tokyo line, the E233 series 3000 series which was added for replacing the 211 series. Productized the L13 + D13 organization belonging to the Takasaki Vehicle Center as a prototype.
● Reproduce the installation of toilet related equipment to No. 6 car Moha E 232 - 3800 series. Represent the waste treatment unit without windows or under the floor.
● Reproduce the body features of JR East · Niitsu Vehicle Manufacturing Co. accurately and express the difference of beads on the roof (excluding green cars).
● Head / tail light as standard equipment in the first car. Beginning · The head connecting section (10 · 11 car) of the adjunct organization is equipped with a light switch.
- Power is equipped with a power unit with a well-established flywheel. You can enjoy stable running.
● For destination display, "Normal Ueno" has been printed and attached as a replacement for the front destination display of "Normal Takasaki Line" and "Normal Utsunomiya Line".
● Body mount type KATO coupler densely connected type as standard on the intermediate connection part. Realized coupling surface and smooth running.
- Storage is 8 - two basic set 8 - type book case. 2 Increase set is 2 two-card box. 5 accessory organization set is a 7-way type book case, it can store two of the two expansion set in the case.