Kato 10-1175 N700A Shinkansen Nozomi 4 Cars Add On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1175 N700A Shinkansen Nozomi 4 Cars Add On Set N Scale

Kato 10-1175 N700A Shinkansen Nozomi 4 Cars Add On Set N Scale

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Series N 700 Shinkansen. The N700A (N700 series 1000 series) is a high-tech vehicle that adopted a constant speed driving mechanism based on the N700 series and further upgraded.
Basic performance and appearance conform to N700 series, but with the pursuit of further stable running, with a new mechanism to support the driver's driving operation, "A" of "Advance" meaning advance / advance In addition to N700, it is called by N700A nickname.
It will be expanded in the form of sales debut in Heisei 2012 (2012) and replacing 700 series.
KATO adopts a diaphragm coupler adopted in E5 series, E6 series etc. which can be easily connected

● Tokaido Shinkansen, the latest N700 series 1000 series, so-called N700A is quickly commercialized.
● Clearly understand the difference with the N700 series, odd numbered cars Vividly reproduced the logo mark that imaged "A" written on the side of the car body.
- Reproduce the difference from the N700 series, such as the extended blue band, head light with different shape and under the floor cover.
- Equipped with a body tilt mechanism that is also mounted on the actual vehicle. You can enjoy the cool running through the curve.
● Power is equipped with a well-established power unit with a flywheel mounted on No. 10 car. You can also enjoy a powerful running 16-car formation.
- The diaphragm coupler adopted in the E5 series, the E6 series, etc. is adopted as a connection part.
● Side Destination Display is printed. "Nozomi" · Set up for Tokyo.
● Package is the best selection type of paper box · foam insoles with 4 basic sets. Two types of extension set are 8-inch bookcase specifications.
● The 4 case set book case can accommodate 4 basic sets. Set name display sticker is included.