Kato 10-1245 Hankyu Express Train Kyoto Line Add On ( Basic 10-1244)

Kato 10-1245 Hankyu Express Train Kyoto Line Add On ( Basic 10-1244)

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ADD ON 10-1245

Hankyu Electric Railway 6300 series 4 basic set.

Added separately sold set (4 both) to the basic set, step up to 8-car formation at its peak
Reproduce body paint of shiny Hankyu Rashi feeling texture
Grade up on the roof with gray paint
Head light / taillight as standard equipment in the top car
Reproduce the appearance at the time of appearance

* The small window behind the cab is not attached.
Molded chair parts in green according to the seat moquette of the actual car
A corporate mark newly established in Heisei 1992 (1992) has been printed
Rearrangement of the coupling part which is more realistic than the change to the KATO coupler dense type B type at the intermediate connection part
Equipped with established power unit (not equipped with flywheel)
Destination display seal (8 pieces) attached "Umeda" "Kawaramachi" · "limited express" · "commuter express" · "trial operation" · "forwarding"
Foam tray specification in decorative paper box

Product formation
← Umeda
6351 + 6801 (M) + 6901 + 6451

Actual car introduction
The 6300 series debuted on the Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line in 1975 was a representative express train of Hankyu connecting Osaka - Kyoto.
Hankyu Maroon's car body has a distinctive presence, as well as indoor rooms with convertible cross sheets, with its roof colored with light gray and car body top with ivory.
Unfortunately the 6300 series gave way to the 9300 series and retired from the limited express, but it is still a popular and popular vehicle.