Kato 10-1258 Tokyu 5050-4000 2-Car Add-On Set B N Scale
Kato 10-1258 Tokyu 5050-4000 2-Car Add-On Set B N Scale

Kato 10-1258 Tokyu 5050-4000 2-Car Add-On Set B N Scale

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Tokyo-Express Electric Railways (usually called Tokyu) is a railway company which has its railway network in the Southwest part in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is a group of trains called series 5000 which is currently in service in the main railway lines. 10-car trains called series 5050-4000 has been deployed on the Tokyu’s main line, Toyoko line connecting Shibuya and Yokohama to run directly onto Tokyo metro fukutoshin line (opened in 2011) and further on Minatomirai line to Motomachi or Chinatown in Yokohama.
While Tokyu Series 5050-4000 in principle consists of 10 cars, it has a fixed 8-car train configuration as well. This train is characterized with “8 cars” mark and red distinguishing sign beside crew door. While this train is operated to run directly to Tokyo metro fukutoshin line, Seibu Ikebukuro line, Tobu Tojo line, it is often put in service as local or Toyoko express as it is a short train. It is operated via Fukutoshin Line even to Hanno on Seibu-ikebukuro Line and Shigi on Tobutojo line.

● Tokyu 5050 8-Car Set
● “8 cars” mark on the front glass and red distinguishing mark beside crew door are reproduced.
● Equipped with motor with flywheel realizing powerful and smooth run
● Equipped with Kato expandable tight couplers between middle cars making the car connection look realistic and achieving smooth run on sharp curves
● Tokyu trains stainless body is reproduced by silver painting. Different feelings of material between body and door are finely represented.
● Baby buggy sign is represented.
● Stickers with selectable destinations on the front and sides priority seats exclusive cars for women front shade are included.