Kato 10-1273 Rhaetische Bahn ABe8/12 "Allegra" 3-Car Set N Scale
Kato 10-1273 Rhaetische Bahn ABe8/12 "Allegra" 3-Car Set N Scale

Kato 10-1273 Rhaetische Bahn ABe8/12 "Allegra" 3-Car Set N Scale

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Rhaetian Railway ABe8 / 12 <Allegra>
・ Introduced in 2010, 15 trains are currently active, and if you think that you will run on the road surface track of the branch line, you can reproduce a unique operation style such as towing up to 8 passenger cars.
-Reproduce the narrow gauge railway (gauge 1m) called meter gauge with N gauge (1/150). Vehicles with small radius that can pass Unitrack Compact R150
・ 3508 formation is a prototype. In addition to changing the formation number and body notation, the nickname of "Richard Coray" on the side of the leading car is reproduced.
・ AC / DC train that supports AC 11kv16 2 / 3Hz on the main line and DC 1000v on the Bernina line. Accurately reproduce multiple pantographs equipped with two power supplies
-Accurately reproduces a light body shape that does not suit high-power vehicles. Commercialization of the first organization named after Willem Jan Holsboer, the founder of Rhaetian Railway
-Printed front emblem and notations on various parts of the car body. The front display is "R St. Moritz" (St. Moritz)
-Headlights are lit in 3 places. The tail light reproduces the one-sided lighting of the white headlight on the right side when the passenger car is connected.
-The jumper plugs at the front front are expressed with separate parts.
-The front part is equipped with a dummy coupler, and the middle part is equipped with a short coupler for Glacier Express as standard equipment. Includes 2 short couplers for connecting the front part and 2 short couplers for the Glacier Express passenger car. By exchanging, <Allegra> can tow the Glacier Express passenger car
・ Package is a 3-car cosmetic box (best selection type) with foam insoles.