Kato 10-1327  781 Series 6-car Set  N Scale
Kato 10-1327  781 Series 6-car Set  N Scale

Kato 10-1327 781 Series 6-car Set N Scale

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The 781 series appeared in 1980 as the first limited express train for exchanges of the Japanese National Railways for Hokkaido. Based on the specifications of the 711 series, which has a proven track record in cold and snow resistant structures, in order to cope with the severe cold season in Hokkaido, the interior and exterior were born as specifications equivalent to the 485 series, which was the standard express train at that time. As a feature of this type, the first "electric vehicle / accompanying vehicle unit" (MT unit) is adopted in the new performance train of the Japanese National Railways, a centralized cooler and forced push-in type ventilator on the roof, and a brake resistor for the electric vehicle. A pantograph was installed in the accompanying vehicle. In addition, the electric vehicle has a snow-cutting room. The lower part of the front driver's seat window of the leading vehicle is more rounded than the 485 series to prevent snow accretion while driving, and the lights are also exposed outside to prevent "concealment" due to snow accretion. As with other JNR limited express trains, the red belt next to the headlights and indicator lights is placed at a high position and painted around the front nickname indicator to improve visibility in snow. Equipment unique to Hokkaido specifications is made.

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-The prototype is a mass-produced car belonging to Sapporo Driving around 1980-1989. Original paint, no JR mark, no JR wireless antenna, before adding passenger doors, before installing stabilizer in the driver's cab. The 781 series' unique morphology, such as the front taillights of the outer cover and the two auxiliary lights above the driver's cab, is fully reproduced.
● The centralized cooler on the roof, brake resistors, and ventilation system are separate parts, and the insulator is set in green.
● Head / tail light / head mark lights up. The head mark is equipped with a conversion mark. Includes "Ishikari," "Lilac," and "White Arrow."
● The head part is equipped with a tightly connected dummy coupler, and the intermediate connecting part is equipped with a body mount tightly connected type.
● Car No. Sabo / Type Sabo has been printed. The side destination display is compatible with stickers.