Kato  10-1335 Series 165 Ina 4-Car  N Scale
Kato  10-1335 Series 165 Ina 4-Car  N Scale
Kato  10-1335 Series 165 Ina 4-Car  N Scale

Kato 10-1335 Series 165 Ina 4-Car N Scale

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Series 165 Express "Ina" is a named train that was active on the Iida Line (between Hamamatsu / Toyohashi and Iida, Sagano, Kami-Suwa). * Local trains on the Tokaido Line and direct.
We will commercialize the Iida Line of the “1975” series of “Express = 165 series”, the form of the times when express trains were active after the air conditioning was remodeled.

● Series 165 800 Iida Line Express "Ina"
・ Series 165 was active as an express train on the Iida Line. The best-selling product, which has been in over 30 years since the first product release, has been updated to the current specification product. 165 series will be fully renewed.
The 165 series has been developed for use in slopes and cold regions, following the structure of the 153 series train, the first direct-current express train in Japan's first national railway, and has been in commercial operation since March 1963. It was.
-Completely renewed existing 165 series. The basic specification follows the current train products. Snap-on cart / body mount coupler / DCC compatible / leading car connectable / ventilator separate parts. Equipped with a power unit equipped with a flywheel. Achieves smooth and stable running.
・ The prototype is a modified air-conditioner with a non-cooled prototype. Commercialized the form of the JNR era in 1975. Without train radio antenna / Original headlight / H rubber gray / Before installation of circulating waste disposal equipment / Before front reinforcement work.
・ Head and tail lights are lit (except for the middle car), front display screen is lit (with switch off)
-Couplers are equipped with new performance vehicles for both leading and middle cars. The front part can be attached to the case by the user.
-The front display is set with a solid color. Compatible with seals including head mark and side surface.