Kato 10-1340 E233 8000 Nambu Line 6-Car Set  N Scale
Kato 10-1340 E233 8000 Nambu Line 6-Car Set  N Scale

Kato 10-1340 E233 8000 Nambu Line 6-Car Set N Scale

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The total number of enrollments from the E233 series 0 series, which started commercial operation, to the E233 series 8500 series was 3297, which was the maximum number of trains in the same series in the JR group. The E233 series 8000 series appeared on the Nambu Line in 2014, and a total of 35 trains were introduced.
Wearing yellow, orange, and brown line colors, the logo mark that imagines "the Nanbu line connects towns to towns, people to people" immediately after the crew room of the leading car, and the line color band on the side The logo mark is arranged in the image of the cityscape along the line, and it features a pedestal equipped with a quasi-zenith satellite antenna on the roof of the leading car similar to the 6000 series for the Yokohama line and a WiMAX antenna.
Features Features
● Commercialized the E233 series 8000 series Nanbu line, which plays a part in the E233 series as a commuter train item in the metropolitan area.
-The product is a prototype of the N9 formation belonging to the Nakahara train ward, and the cooler is a vehicle equipped with AU726B made by Transport Tech.
-With a compact organization that can be completed with a maximum of 6 cars, the line color composed of 3 colors on the car body and the logo mark of each part are faithfully reproduced.
● The destination display is printed with "Local train Kawasaki". "Rapid Tachikawa" is set as an accessory for the replacement front display.
● Equipped with a power unit equipped with a well-established flywheel. Achieves smooth and powerful driving.
● Head light / tail light lights up.
● The coupler uses a KATO coupler telescopic close-coupled type.