Kato 10-1355 Series 581 MOHANE 2-Car Add-On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1355 Series 581 MOHANE 2-Car Add-On Set N Scale

Kato 10-1355 Series 581 MOHANE 2-Car Add-On Set N Scale

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Prototype Information
It is the express electric train which made its debut in 1967 as the world first train ever designed convertible between sleeper train furnished with beds and express train with passenger seats. Making the best use of this advantage, this train was operated day and night and was well known by many people. The express train used to travel under the nickname of “Gekko” (Moonlight) in the west Japan between Shin-osaka and Hakata by night and under the nickname of “Midori” (Green) in west Japan Proper and Kyushu by day. Series 581 is the original model for Series 583 which is still operated in Japan.

-Series 581 (Slit Type Typhon)
The Series 581 enjoys lasting popularity due to its implementation of the revolutionary concept to employ a vehicle for both daytime and overnight operations. From this series, the 7-Car Basic Set including the Kuhane 581 with "slit typhons" (grit-shaped whistles) is here now!
During the golden age of limited expresses in the 1960s and 1970s, it was primarily used on conventional lines as a sleeper express between Kansai and Kyushu, and as a daytime express between Hokuriku and Kyushu.
-Kuhane 581 commercializes an expansion vehicle that is different from existing products. The Typhon with shutter, the ventilator arranged in a row, and the difference in the inspection lid on the 3rd place side are reproduced.
●As with the 583 series, removable bed parts are included. Reproduce the characteristics of this format for both daytime and nighttime use in N gauge. You can enjoy driving it as a sleeper limited express as it is, or as a daytime limited express by removing the sleeper parts.
-The basic set is set with 7 cars, considering the organization that incorporates 2 Sahane, which is unique to Mukocho-ku. A two-car set of Mohane 581-580 for hematopoiesis is also available. Combined with the existing <583 series 3-car add-on set (Saro, Sashi, Sahane)>, a full 12-car formation is possible. Furthermore, in combination with the <583 series Mohane 2-car add-on set>, you can enjoy the mixed formation of the 581/583 series that was seen on the actual train.
- Set "Raicho", "Ariake", "Comet" and "Venus" as our original conversion marks. Related side display curtains and sabot stickers are included. If you use existing optional parts <train mark conversion device for series 581/583 (character)> <same (illustration)>, you can expand the range of era settings and trains.