Kato 10-1377 Tora 90000 8 Cars N Scale
Kato 10-1377 Tora 90000 8 Cars N Scale

Kato 10-1377 Tora 90000 8 Cars N Scale

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We commercialized a type that was active in the whole country except Hokkaido (also transferred to Hokkaido in later years) of the most popular Tiger 35000 remodeled 4-stage basket specification
Reproduction of chip loading + covering of rain cover
The 8-car set has beautifully reproduced the management station name "Sheng", standing station "Morioka (Ta)", car number etc.

[Actual car introduction]
With the remodeling of the tiger 23000 form and the tiger 35000 form, 2436 both were manufactured from 1964 (1964) in the freight car for transporting chips (pulverized wood pieces) of paper and to efficiently carry small chips ,It is characterized by the large loading capacity by the structure which added the wire mesh fence (yellow green 6) to the upper part of wooden windows.
Also, during rain, when the tip got wet, it sucked in moisture and became heavy, and it was also operated with the rain sheltering sheet covered in order to prevent scattering.
In the case of
[Product specifications]
Scale: N gauge (9 mm)
Product form: Finished painted
Body material: Plastic
Motor: None