Kato 10-1380 Series 313-5000 "Shinkaisoku" Add-On Set (3 Cars)  N Scale

Kato 10-1380 Series 313-5000 "Shinkaisoku" Add-On Set (3 Cars) N Scale

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The scale model series 313-3000 is now going to be renewed in new specifications and with double pantographs for the first time. The scale model is based on train consistency. V9 belonging to Shizuoka rolling stock depot.
This train is a major force in regional transport operated on Iida line, Minobe Line, Gotenba Line, Tokaido Mainline, Minoakasaka branch line and Chuo mainline, etc.
The destination sign on the train is made blank so that various destinations on many lines can be put there, using the stickers supplied with the product.
Shield beam lights and destination rollsign distinctive to the former trains are reproduced.

 Features of the 5000 series <new rapid speed>
・ Production of Ogaki train district affiliation Y109 formation into a prototype
・ Reproduces the inter-vehicle damper specific to the 5000 series.
-Set a stroller mark on Kuha 312.
・ Destination display is “New rapid Ogaki” printed. Front destination indication of "special high speed Toyohashi" is attached.
・ The series 313 series 5000 series can store vehicles of series 313 5000 series basic set, 5300 series 2-car series addition set in the package of series 313 series.
・ We adopt KATO coupler close connection type (with hook) of body mount type at the head, middle connection part.
・ A stable driving is realized by the power unit equipped with a flywheel.
-Head / tail lights of all leading cars, the front display lights (with a light off switch). Headlights reproduce bright white like a real car.
-A seal that can reproduce the anti-slip on the top of the step, which is a feature of the 313 series front, is attached.
· Priority seat display sticker included.
-DCC friendly.