Kato  10-1425  / 211 Series 2000 Series Nagano Color N Scale

Kato 10-1425 / 211 Series 2000 Series Nagano Color N Scale

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Commercialized 211 series 2000 series active in Nagano area.
It is a long seat car transferred from the Tamachi Vehicle Center to the Nagano Vehicle Center as a successor to the 115 series. It features a switch with a semi-automatic door installed along with the transfer, a skirt serving as a snow plow, and an exterior converted to a single-arm pantograph on the body covered with the bright blue line color of the 115 series. I am driving between Tachikawa and Nagano on the Chuo East Line and Shinonoi Line.

● The current form of the N609 formation (long seat car) belonging to Nagano Vehicle Center is a prototype.
● Newly created a skirt that doubles as a snow plow. The coupler at the top is a dummy coupler.
● The coupler of the middle connection part is KATO coupler JPB.
● The light unit has been updated to LED specifications, and the head / tail light is on.
● On the bogie on the connection side of the lead car, parts that reproduce the circulating waste processing device are attached.
● Reproduce the PS33 single arm pantograph mounted on the narrow tunnel of Chuo Line and Shinonoi Line.
● Reproduce the band of alpine blue and fresh green according to the color called Nagano color.