Kato  10-1446 KUMOHAYUNI 64000 (Brown) + KUHA 68420 Ida Line 2-Cars Set N Scale

Kato 10-1446 KUMOHAYUNI 64000 (Brown) + KUHA 68420 Ida Line 2-Cars Set N Scale

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It is a 195.7km line ward connecting Tokaido Main Line and Toyohashi to Ashino on Chuo Main Line, and currently belongs to JR Tokai, but was generally called "old country" during the JNR era, and was manufactured from prewar to postwar The old-style national railways of the National Railways were active. KATO's Iida Line series is to light up such attractive vehicles and reproduce the scenery of the Iida Line of the JNR era.

-Kuha 68400 remodeled from the original form is the first commercialization.
The Kuha 68400 is a vehicle that has been lineuped three times in the Iida Line series, but all are vehicles remodeled from the Kuha 55, with five windows between the doors. It is a vehicle that has been remodeled from the original Kuha 68, with six windows between the doors. In addition, seven ventilators, and the difference in the layout of the equipment under the floor are vehicles that differ in form from remodeled vehicles.
Both Kuhaha 53 and Kuha 68 have been turned into glass parts on the front, and we will update the detail to a more pursued appearance.
 Kumoha 53007 + Kuha 68400 Iida Line
-Kuha 68400 reproduces the form of the original car based modified car. Commercialized vehicles that are essential for the Iida line, where the toilets were installed on the original Kuha 68.
・ Features such as newly created body, roof, glass, floorboard, 6 windows between doors, 7 ventilators, narrow taillights, thin holo, louver blockage, and different floor equipment arrangement with modified cars Accurately reproduce.
・ Kumoha 53 and Kuha 68 both reproduce the front number display window with glass parts.
・ Ko-ha 53 joins the flow of the streamline spider 52, and reproduces the flowing style of the wide window precisely with two doors called semi-streamline. In addition, the raised roof was also reproduced.
・ The painting of cream and blue called ska color is clearly reproduced separately.
-The pantograph newly made PS11 which was often seen in the old style National Electric Railway.
・ The connector is standard equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler telescopic dense serial type at the top and middle.
-The power is equipped with a flywheel unit with traction wheels (with no traction tires), which has an established reputation, and achieves stable driving.
-Head / tail light standard equipment (with a light off switch). The optional room light looks good with LED clear (bulb color).