Kato 10-1509 IR Ishikawa Railway Series 521 Indigo Line 2 Cars N Scale
Kato 10-1509 IR Ishikawa Railway Series 521 Indigo Line 2 Cars N Scale

Kato 10-1509 IR Ishikawa Railway Series 521 Indigo Line 2 Cars N Scale

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The IR Ishikawa Railway is a railroad company born with the Hokuriku main line opening of the Hokuriku main line as the third sector, and 521 series transferred from JR West is active.
In the 521 system secondary car to be commercialized this time, 3 organization was transferred from JR West in Heisei 20. With the theme of "Kaga Five Colors" coloring Ishikawa's traditional crafts, different accent colors are applied to stripes and fall prevention holos for each composition.
Refreshing coloring car body, you can enjoy different accent color for each composition with N gauge.As in the actual vehicle 2
The prototype is the current form of IR02 organization (ancient purple type), IR 03 organization (indigo type) respectively.
IR recreates a bold paint color that blue is arranged based on the light blue of the forehead and side proprietary to the IR Ishikawa Railway.
Prepared falling hollows and side stripes are prepared with purple "ancient purple type" and blue "indigo type" accent color.
· Various logos and notation are accurately reproduced.
·Reproduce distinctive whistle cover.
Two kinds of front doors falling fall prevention tops (for head and intermediate link) are prepared as selected parts.For intermediate link, it is used to avoid interference when connecting the top cars.
-Both top cars are equipped with a coupler cover + dummy coupler of Dentsu at the beginning.By connecting to the included head coupling / coupler, it is possible to connect the leading cars to each other.
Body mount tight self-contained coupler without hook is used for intermediate connection part.
· Head / taillight · Front display lighting (with off switch)
-Power is equipped with a power unit with a well-established flywheel.Stable running is possible. Traction tires already installed.
-For the destination display of the front and side, "ordinary Toyama" has already been printed. Front view of "ordinary Kanazawa" "holiday Kanazawa" for replacement is included.