Kato 10-1835 Series E353 "Azusa/Kaiji" Add-On Set (5 Cars)  N Scale
Kato 10-1835 Series E353 "Azusa/Kaiji" Add-On Set (5 Cars)  N Scale

Kato 10-1835 Series E353 "Azusa/Kaiji" Add-On Set (5 Cars) N Scale

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Kato will make the N-scale model of the latest express series E353. This express started the service since December of 2017 to succeed series E257 or E351 which had been operated as “Azusa” or “Kaiji”, etc. It has superb curving performance like series E351 equipped with mechanism of tilting body on curves using air spring.

The train of simple and bold design with purple belts on the alpine white body looks like very speedy. This express represents the next generation expresses. It is now in service as “Super Azusa”, “Azusa” and “Kaiji”.

The N scale model is equipped with Kato ’s original tilting mechanism which shows the realistic curving performance like the real train.
E353 series "Azusa / Kaiji"
・ S203 + S103 organization belonging to Matsumoto Vehicle Center as of 2018 is a prototype
-Reproduce the top shape with a sense of speed and the paint color of the powerful design as realistically as the actual car
-Adopts KATO's original body tilting mechanism. Realistically reproduces a realistic curve passing scene that tilts the car body and approaches the actual car
・ Antennas on the roof are already installed
-The cooler reproduces the appearance that the central body is unpainted with stainless steel and the front and rear covers are painted with silver.
・ Stable running is achieved by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
・ Snap-on bogie adopted
-A body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook) is used for the intermediate connection. The front part of cars 1 and 12 uses a dummy coupler that reproduces the appearance with a cover. At the beginning of cars 3 and 4, a body mount close-coupled coupler (without hook) that reproduces the electric connection part is adopted.
-Head / tail lights are lit. All 5 headlights are on
-The chairs in the car reproduction the ordinary car in bluish purple and the green car in brown.
・ Car number, non-smoking notation, wheelchair notation printed
-Comes with a destination display sticker. A variety of destinations such as "Super Azusa", "Azusa", and "Kaiji" will be recorded.
・ If you have all 3 sets, you can store all 12 cars in the book case of the extension set and the accessory set.
・ DCC friendly support