Kato 10-1525 Grade Up Azusa 7-Car Basic Set N Scale
Kato 10-1525 Grade Up Azusa 7-Car Basic Set N Scale
Kato 10-1525 Grade Up Azusa 7-Car Basic Set N Scale
Kato 10-1525 Grade Up Azusa 7-Car Basic Set N Scale

Kato 10-1525 Grade Up Azusa 7-Car Basic Set N Scale

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Upgrade Azusa

Due to the abolition of the limited express "Asama" on the conventional line in 1997, the 189 series used on the train was diverted to the limited express "Azusa". At the time of diversion, the paint color was changed to Azusa, and the direction of the leading car was changed for the purpose of matching the positions of the green car and reserved seat car of the formation to the conventional "Azusa".
He was active on the Chuo Main Line, and in addition to "Azusa," there were also operations such as "Kaiji," "Kaiji Firefly Festival," and "Express Alps."
You can enjoy the limited express "Azusa", which is a mixture of 189 series large window cars and small window cars.
It is possible to reproduce not only the full 11-car train, but also the 9-car train seen in the actual car.

-The prototype is the N203 organization belonging to the Nagano General Rolling Stock Center in 2001.
-The two leading cars accurately reproduce the features such as the relocation of the jumper plug receiver due to the change of direction, which was done when converting to "Azusa".
・ Kuha 189 12: Reproduced the shape in which the front jumper plug was changed to the left side due to the change of direction.
-Kuha 189 502: Reproduced the appearance that the leading jumper plug was left only on the right side when facing the direction change.
-Vividly reproduce the appearance of wearing a thick alpine blue belt and a thin fantasy violet belt on a foggy gray body.
-Commercialized with the leading car coupler cover seen in the cars belonging to Nagano General Rolling Stock Office.
● Newly prepared early model of Moha 188 large window car and late model of small window car.
・ Moha 188 Large window car Early model: No piping cover on the roof run board, the wife side piping is reproduced inside.
・ Moha 188 Small window car Late model: Reproduce the appearance of the roof run board with a piping cover and the wife's surface piping exposed.
-The pantograph underframe of Moha 188 reproduces the appearance with a snow-resistant cover.
● Power is equipped with a power unit with a well-established flywheel. Stable running is possible.
-Reproduce the circulation type sewage treatment device at the end of the underfloor vehicle.
● Equipped with a close-coupled coupler # 2 (without hook) at the intermediate connection.
-The color of the chair is reproduced in brown for green cars and purple for ordinary cars.
● Head / tail lights, nickname display lights up. The light unit uses white LEDs.
● Security device notation: "P / SN"
● Car number and non-smoking car display printed. "Limited Express Azusa Matsumoto" has been printed on the side destination display.
● Convertible train marks include "Azusa," "Kaiji," "Kaiji Firefly Festival," and "Express Alps." Comes with a destination display sticker that records the contents corresponding to the operation of each train.