Kato 10-1531 KIHA 58 (Un-air-conditioned) Express "Iide" 7-Car Set
Kato 10-1531 KIHA 58 (Un-air-conditioned) Express "Iide" 7-Car Set
Kato 10-1531 KIHA 58 (Un-air-conditioned) Express "Iide" 7-Car Set
Kato 10-1531 KIHA 58 (Un-air-conditioned) Express "Iide" 7-Car Set
Kato 10-1531 KIHA 58 (Un-air-conditioned) Express "Iide" 7-Car Set

Kato 10-1531 KIHA 58 (Un-air-conditioned) Express "Iide" 7-Car Set

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Ha 58 system commercialized as a prototype.
The Kiha 28th No. 0, the Kiha 58 newly manufactured a non-air-conditioning car of No. 400 and 400s corresponding to a large organization and a large organization.
The 28 km commercialized air conditioning modified car equipped with a self-powered 4DQ engine.
The 800 series for school trips also has a lineup of both Kiha 28 and 58 for "Zaou". Precisely reproduce school trip color of distinctive washroom window arrangement and body.
Accurately commercialize different forms for each block.
-Kiha 58 400: No jumper plug for cooling, the wife's face window is reproduced in two figures. The front tie phone reproduces the shutter type.
・ Kiha 58/280 series: Reproduction without the round window at the bottom of the customer door, without the cab side window inspection lid. The front tie phone reproduces the slit type.
・ Kiha 58/28 800s: The position of the wash window on the left side is different from the 0s. Reproduce a distinctive school trip color.
・ Kim 28: No. 100: Compared with the existing product, Km 28 (newly-made air-conditioned car), reproduces the form of air-conditioning and remodeled car that has a roof with a different height, engine and air intake for air conditioning, cooler, etc.
Kiha 58/28 are all equipped with double track snow plows.
Chairs in the car are reproduced in dark blue for normal cars and dark gray for 28 kg.
The front display has been printed "Express" for vehicles incorporating the light unit. Other vehicles are set in plain.
The front holo is not equipped with only the first car "Ide" or the eighth car "Zaou", and all other cars are mounted on the front holo. You can attach / remove the through hole as desired.
Security device notation: "S"
Adopts a flywheel mounted power unit to achieve stable driving.
The express "Good" has traction tires and the express "Sayu" has no traction tires in consideration of cohesion.
Head / tail light, front display screen lights (with light off switch). We adopt bulb color LED. The express "Good" cars 2 and 3 and the express "Zajo" cars 9 and 10 are not equipped with light units.
The coupler is a body mount dense self-aligned type.
Includes a body support and jumper plug that reproduces the air hose as an attached part.
Side sabot, No. car sabot, comes with a sticker that records the type sabot.