Kato 10-1550 Series 12 Express Passenger Car (JNR) 6-Car Set  N Scale
Kato 10-1550 Series 12 Express Passenger Car (JNR) 6-Car Set  N Scale

Kato 10-1550 Series 12 Express Passenger Car (JNR) 6-Car Set N Scale

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Series 12 Passenger Cars are Express Coach Passenger Cars which were manufactured in the period from 1968 to 1978 to comply with the maximum operational speed of 110 km/h. 
They were equipped with apparatus, which were as good as those for then electric or diesel trains, such as air conditioning device working with the power from diesel generator under the floor. Thus they made the base for succeeding new type passenger cars, series 14 and later cars. Series 12 Passenger Cars were operated first as special trains or trains for Osaka World Expo and then as regular express trains across Japan except Hokkaido. In the later years, some of them were modified into commuter trains and some of them converted into excursion trains dubbed as “joyful trains”. Even now, they can be seen serving as extra trains.

-A prototype car belonging to the West Japan region around 1980. There is no JR mark, there is a belt on the customer door and the front through door, and the toilet is reproduced in the form of a sink pipe.
・ The 6-car set is a prototype in the 0s. Reinforcement of roof, no front / rear wives taillights, slit-type cooler, Suhaf12 inlet is small and only the 1st-3rd side, Oha12's front side without a through-door.
・ Oha 12 is a late model, and Suhafu 12 is an early model in the 100s. There is no roof reinforcement, there is a front and rear wives and taillights on the steep car, the through-door window on the steep room has no holding edge, a mesh-type cooler, the inlet of Suf 12 is large, both sides are on the front, and the front side of oha 12 Reproduced in a form with through doors.
-H rubber is reproduced in gray for each car.
-6-car set Suhafu 12 / Ohafu 13 reproduces the jumper plug as a separate part.
-Reproduce the side door handle.
-Reproduce the characteristic blue body paint and two white belts.
・ Uses a snap-on cart.
・ Tail light on Suhafu 12 / Ohafu 13 on the side of the urgent room (with off switch).
・ Shuf 12 and Ohaf 13-car set, the head part of the single Schaf 12 is equipped with a body mount type Arnold coupler, and the middle connection part of each vehicle is equipped with a self-sustained body mount coupler. A 6-car set and a single Schauff 12 come with a knuckle coupler for replacement and a close-coupled coupler for the top.
・ Surf 12 and Ohaf 13 sets of 6-car set, and the front hood frame at the head of the slow and fast room side of single item 12 are reproduced in silver. Parts that can reproduce the front hood are also included. Detachable as needed.
-A 6-car set and a single item Shamf 12 come with a destination display sticker. Includes different content.
-A 6-car set of bookcases can hold 6 12-series passenger cars and 1 tow locomotive.