Kato  10-1571  Sinano Rainway Series 115 3-Car Set   N Scale
Kato  10-1571  Sinano Rainway Series 115 3-Car Set   N Scale
Kato  10-1571  Sinano Rainway Series 115 3-Car Set   N Scale

Kato 10-1571 Sinano Rainway Series 115 3-Car Set N Scale

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KatoShinano Railways Series 115 3-Car Set:
When the Nagano Station for Hokuriku Shinkansen was opened, Shinano Railways was opened in the form that the route between Karuizawa Station – Shinonoi Station (Shinano Railways) of the former Shinetsu main line running in parallel with Shinkansen line was put under the management of a joint-public-private company, Shinano Railways. Later, Kita Shinano line was opened additionally north of Nagano when the Kanazawa Station for Hokuriku Shinkansen was opened. Series 115 which are operated as main carriages are not only painted in the basic colors of red and gray, but also some are in the former Shonan color and Yokosuka color.

Shinano Railways Series 115 (Shonan/Yokosuka Color) 6-Car Set:
Simultaneously with “Shinano Destination Campaign” held in 2017 and the 20th anniversary of Shinano Railways, Series 115 painted in Shonan and Yokosuka colors as “nostalgic body colors” was started in the operations. Later on, variations had been still increasing so that, as of 2018, as many as 8 different color schemes could be observed and was talked a lot about as the moving museum of Series 115.


-Shinano Railway 115 series 3-car set
-The current specification of 2019 (2019) of S13 organization is a prototype.
・ Moha 114 is equipped with a single arm pantograph. The MG louver on the side, which is a feature of the renewal car, is recreated.
-Reproduced the form that the auxiliary power unit MG under the Moha 114 floor was converted to SIV and the compressor was updated.
-Based on the red of the image of Shinshu specialty apples, the unique coloring with gray and white belts is accurately and beautifully reproduced. The skirt is reproduced in the same red color as the body.
・ The speaker on the side of the car body is printed.
-Kumoha 115, the holo frame of the driver's seat side front door of Kuha 115 is reproduced in the same red as the body color. Comes with a removable front holo.
-The ventilator and cooler on the roof are reproduced with different parts. Antenna, lightning arrester, fuse box already installed.
-The chair in the car is reproduced in blue.
-H rubber of each part is reproduced in black. The front glass vertical rail and wiper are reproduced in silver.
-Use of a power unit with a flywheel realizes stable running. There is no traction tire in consideration of combined operation.
-Head / tail light, front display lights (with switch off).
-Coupler adopts body mount dense coupler without hook in each car. Comes with a sleeve that can be attached to the top of the top car.
-Destination display has already been installed "Normal One Man" on the front, printed on the side "One Man Nagano". Replacement front display (plain) and destination display sticker included.
・ DCC friendly.