Kato 10-1584 Series 651 "Super Hitachi" 7-Car Basic Set N Scale
Kato 10-1584 Series 651 "Super Hitachi" 7-Car Basic Set N Scale

Kato 10-1584 Series 651 "Super Hitachi" 7-Car Basic Set N Scale

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Series 651 is the first AC/DC Limited Express of JR East Japan which debuted in 1989. The elegant white simple and smooth paint scheme all over the body, dubbed white tuxedo livery, changed completely the conventional paint scheme of the train which had been in use for years. The first-class car is furnished with 1 person + 2 person seat lines and with a liquid crystal color TV, with which one can watch even satellite broadcast programs. Meanwhile each normal car is equipped with 2 doors on each side and a multi-purpose room, first ever provided for the conventional line trains.
The recent scenery of Joban line can be reproduced by running this model in combination with other trains such as E531, E231, which run all on the same line, or it can be run along with E231 Yamanote, E233 Keihi-tohoku, E231 Shonan-Shinjuku as well as Series 24 “Akebono”, “Hokutosei”DX in the section between Ueno and Nippori where Tohoku-Main Line is laid side by side with Joban Line.

This passenger car lighting set "11-224 LED Passenger Car Lighting Set Clear for 11 Cars in Series 651" can be installed, as it is without modification, not only to 10-1584/1585 Series 651 “Super Hitachi”, planned for the simultaneous release, but also to conventional 10-164/165, 173/174 Series “Super Hitachi”, 10-935 Series 651-1000 “Swallow Akagi”, 10-934 Series 651-1000 “Swallow Akagi/Kusatsu” or 10-944 Series 651-1000 Izu Crail.


-K101 formation belonging to Katsuta Vehicle Center (basic set)-The chair in the car is also reproduced with a color close to the actual car
● Headlight adopts bulb color LED. Head / tail light off switch is set for car 7 of the basic set
● Set up underfloor equipment at the end of vehicles with toilets
● Stable running is possible by adopting a reputed power unit.
-The head coupler adopts no hook. Coupling cover already installed (cars 1 and 11). Denren parts included
-KATO coupler densely connected type (with hook) is standard on the intermediate connection part
-Comes with a destination display sticker. Operation of "Super Hitachi" and "Fresh Hitachi" can be reproduced
-The nickname plate is equipped with [Super Hitachi] as standard. "Fresh Hitachi" and "Black Solid" are included as replacements
● Interior light can be installed as an option. Scheduled to be sold separately. New setting 11-224 `` LED interior light clear 11-parts for 651 series '' compatible