Kato 10-1593  Tobu Railway Tojo Line 50070 Add-On Set A (4-Car) N Scale
Kato 10-1593  Tobu Railway Tojo Line 50070 Add-On Set A (4-Car) N Scale

Kato 10-1593 Tobu Railway Tojo Line 50070 Add-On Set A (4-Car) N Scale

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New variation will join the long-selling item series 787.The real train currently belongs to Minami Fukuoka Rolling Stock Center and Oita Rolling Stock Center, serving as the main conventional limited express train under the nicknames of “Kamome”, “Kirameki”, “ Nichirin”, “Hyuga” or “Kirishima”.
Together with this train, you can run various trains in Kyushu ranging from luxurious trains to local trains such as “Seven Star in Kyushu”, Series 885, 883, 813, KIHA47 “Aqua Liner”.
This time, we will make the cars KUROHA 786 and KUHA787-0 and make a new N-scale 4-car set.A coupler set and skirt will be packed with the product to connect the top car to another extra train to reproduce “Kirameki ”(6+6 =12 car train).
-Among the many variations, we have commercialized the latter stage knitting that has two side windows with one step descending window and no forced ventilation device on the roof.
-The product prototype is a product of 51076F belonging to the forest park inspection area. The current Tobu Railway brand mark.
・Equipped with a power unit with flywheel to achieve stable running. DCC friendly.
・The head car has head/tail lights, front destination display, and transport number display.
・Couplers are body-tight couplers without hooks for each car. The top part is a dummy coupler.
-Among the unevenness with few side faces, the characteristic frontal head connection part, the car end that shows the folded surface, the body hem and the front step of the unique shape are accurately reproduced.
-Reproduce the difference in level between the side window between the customer doors that can be opened and closed and the body of the fixed window at the car end.
・By installing a home monitoring monitor and one-man equipment by ATO operation, the shape of the cab different from other types is reproduced.
・The wheelchairs of the 2nd and 9th cars, the stroller mark, and the slightly air-conditioned car display of the 9th car are reproduced in print.
・The front display is already equipped with "F Express/Forest Park 21T". As replacement front displays, "Normal/Shinkiba 07T", "Commuter Express/Motomachi/Chinatown 17T" and "Solid" are included for each 2 pieces. Black background.
-Destination display sticker included. Front destination display is F Express/Forest Park 13T, Normal/Shinkiba 01T, Commuter Express/Motomachi/Chinatown 11T, F Limited Express/Motomachi/Chinatown 19T, Each stop/Kawagoe City 09T, Side destination display "F Express/Forest Park" "Ordinary/Shinkiba" "Commuter Express/Motomachi/Chinatown" "F Limited Express/Motomachi/Chinatown" "Each stop/Kawagoe City" "Cars 1-10" Display, priority seat display, front blackout curtain.
-A hematopoietic set A (4 cars) has a bookcase for 10 cars. Vehicles of basic set (4 cars) and extension set B (2 cars) can be stored together.