Kato 10-1600 Diesel Train Series KIHA 58 (Panoramic Windows) 4-Car Set  N Scale
Kato 10-1600 Diesel Train Series KIHA 58 (Panoramic Windows) 4-Car Set  N Scale
Kato 10-1600 Diesel Train Series KIHA 58 (Panoramic Windows) 4-Car Set  N Scale

Kato 10-1600 Diesel Train Series KIHA 58 (Panoramic Windows) 4-Car Set N Scale

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KIHA 58 Late Stage furnished with Panoramic Windows will join the popular Kato KIHA scale model series.
KIHA 8th, the group of KIHA models manufactured since 1967, is characterized with the appearance with the front windows on KIHA 58/28 winding around the corners to the body sides and equipped with a skirt. The version of KIRO 28 to be made as a scale model belongs to the last production group manufactured in 1968 and has the same body cross section as KIHA 65 and with the gutter positioned lower that is quite different from earlier versions of KIRO 28. KIHA 58 was in service from JNR age to JR period in various regions.

As the train can be operated as a set of two cars or more, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy an N scale train easily. Depending on the combination, various train compositions can be made. So you can reproduce the particular train you are most familiar with. What’s more, the combination with previous KIHA’s will enhance the variation.


-Reproduce the appearance of the group manufactured in the latter half, which is classified as a model change car
* KIHA58, KIHA 28
-Reproduced around the front connector equipped with a panoramic window on the front, a skirt and a snowplow. Thai phone is slit type
・The side has no driver seat window inspection lid, there is a forced ventilation port, and the toilet window has a horizontally long shape. Around the roof, there is no ventilator in the passenger compartment, but a ventilator in the deck
-The roof water tank of KIHA 58 and the floor sewage tank of KIHA 28 are reproduced in a round FRP form.
-The cooling power generation intake port of KIHA 28 is installed between the windows on the right rear side, and the side water supply port is reproduced near the center
〇 KIRO28
-Similar to the KIHA 65, the car body section and the position of the rain toy are different, and the appearance that the toilet and washroom are installed outside the deck is reproduced.
-The floor sewage tank is reproduced in a rounded FRP form.
・Reproduce the figure with 4-belt set without green belt, single item with green belt
-The front penetration door of the front car is reproduced in the shape of a hollow frame, and the penetration hollow can be attached as you like
-The chairs in the car are dark blue for normal cars, dark red for KIRO 28 and reproduce the difference between normal cars and green cars
● The cooler is AU13E except for the single car of KIRO28. The single car KIRO 28 is equipped with an AU13 polygon cooler
●Stable driving is realized by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
●Couplers are body-mounted and self-contained. A body support that reproduces the air hose is also included as an accessory
-Head/tail lights on all vehicles except the KIRO28, and the front display curtain lights up (with an off switch). We adopt light bulb color LED