Kato 10-1608 Deries E26 "Cassiapeia " 6-Car Basic Set N Scale
Kato 10-1608 Deries E26 "Cassiapeia " 6-Car Basic Set N Scale
Kato 10-1608 Deries E26 "Cassiapeia " 6-Car Basic Set N Scale

Kato 10-1608 Deries E26 "Cassiapeia " 6-Car Basic Set N Scale

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Kato will release the scale model of series E26 “Cassiopeia”, famous night train travelling from metropolitan Ueno northward to Sapporo in Hokkaido, this time in the basic car set and the add-on car set both consisting of passenger cars alone.
The real train appeared in 1999 as a new sleeper train ranked even higher than “North Star” and was operated between Ueno and Sapporo under the name of “Cassiopeia”. When the inauguration of Hokkaido Sinkansen bullet train line rendered the Seikan Tunnel leading to Hokkaido usable only by Shinkansen and freight trains, the night train ceased the regular operation. Currently it is operated only as an excursion train named “Travelogue Cassiopeia” and “Cassiopeia Cruise”.

This product will be released with locomotive head marks to make it possible to reproduce the night express train regularly operated in the heyday by connecting it to the locomotive on hand with the head mark.

E26 series "Cassiopeia" 6-car basic set, 6-car expansion set
-Beautiful expression of the symbol mark (Sronev E26/Kahaf E26) and 5 color stripes
・Precisely model the observation part (Sronev E26 / Kahaf E26) composed of curved glass
-Beautiful expression of the symbol mark (Sronev E26/Kahafu E26) and 5 color stripes. It also expresses the subtle differences in texture of stainless steel (door frame, steel outlook, etc.)・The glass color is expressed in light green.
-Reproduced Kahafu E26 roof equipment with separate parts
-Reproduce the interior of each vehicle such as Kahafu E26 lounge and Mashi E26 dining car, etc. based on brown
・Mashi E26 table light lit
・Slone E26 connection phone antenna and Kahafu E26 roof equipment are reproduced with separate parts
-Reproduce the equipment under the floor at the end of the car (represented by separate parts attached to the bogie part)
・Taillights and nicknames of Kahafu E26/Sronev E26 are lit brightly with white LEDs
・Two "Cassiopeia" head marks for EF81 and ED79 are included
-Sronef E26 / Kahafu E26 formation Arnold coupler is standard equipment at the both ends connection part (replacement KATO knuckle coupler included). The KATO coupler with jumper tube is a standard equipment for the intermediate connection.