Kato 10-1646 Series 700 Shinkansen "NOZOMI" 8-Car Add-on Set  N Scale
Kato 10-1646 Series 700 Shinkansen "NOZOMI" 8-Car Add-on Set  N Scale

Kato 10-1646 Series 700 Shinkansen "NOZOMI" 8-Car Add-on Set N Scale

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The Series 700 Shinkansen was mainly used in Japans fastest train service "Nozomi" on the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen line until its retirement just recently in March 2020.
This model is the design basis of its two successors, the Series N700 and N700A, which have the same unique aerodynamic nose giving them their well-known characteristic design. The Series 700 Shinkansen comes with finely printed details such as the train composition number on the front glass, the Series 700 logo – previously only applied as a sticker – and the non-smoking signs.

Features Features
-Modeled the specifications of the 700 series C8 train belonging to JR Central as a prototype.
-The organization number notation on the front glass is newly printed and reproduced. Beautifully printed body notation such as body number, 700 series logo mark and non-smoking car mark notation.
-The body shape, which is characterized by the aero stream shape head and square cross section, is fully reproduced.
-Beautiful reproduction of the refreshing body paint color with blue lines on the white body.
-Accurately reproduce the shape on the roof including the car end insulator for extra high pressure (separate parts).
● Head / tail lights are lit. (Headlights use light bulb color LED)
● Uses a power unit that has a good reputation for stable driving.
● The intermediate connecting part is equipped with a KATO diaphragm coupler as standard equipment.
-The attached sticker includes the side display of each nickname, reserved seat / unreserved seat display, "AMBITIOUS JAPAN!" Logo, and "Thank you" decorative logo.
● In addition to "Nozomi" on the side display, "Hikari" and "Kodama" that are not included in existing products, as well as "groups" and "school trips" are also included.