Kato 10-1648 Tobu Railway Series 8000 (Renewal Version) 4-Car Add-on Set N Scale
Kato 10-1648 Tobu Railway Series 8000 (Renewal Version) 4-Car Add-on Set N Scale

Kato 10-1648 Tobu Railway Series 8000 (Renewal Version) 4-Car Add-on Set N Scale

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The 8000 series is the most popular train – the boasted a major force of Tobu Railway. The 8000 series is a vehicle that was introduced to improve the service of commuter trains that had been operating on the same line until then. Total 712 vehicles were manufactured, which is the largest number have been producted of private railways in Japan between 1963 and 1983 (Showa 38-58), and not only the difference form due to manufacturing year but also there are many variations after the cooling remodeling and repair work in later years. The performance of various trains of 2 to 10 cars, which was a combination of 2, 4, 6, and 8 fixed trains, was seen over all Tobu lines except non-electrified routes and cargo lines.

Tobu Railway 8000 series (updated car)
-Around 2008, a prototype of a secondary vehicle (repair work construction vehicle) belonging to the Kasukabe branch of the Minami-Kuribashi vehicle division. The group was repaired around 1995, and features a front style that is significantly different from the original shape. Commercialized in the form around 2008 with the old company crest
-Reproduce the characteristics of the secondary car that has undergone repair work. → No side window R, FS356 / FS056 type trolley equipment, C-2000 type compressor equipment (8639 is HB-2000CA type), air-conditioning modified car, updated face (shield beam headlight / curtain display), with skirt, crew door There is a handle at the bottom, there is a ventilator on the roof
・ Beautifully expresses the appearance of jasmine white wrapped with royal blue and refresh blue bands
・ 8400 and 8600 are already equipped with front holo
・ The jumper plug and hose on the front of the 8100 type are reproduced as separate parts.
・ 4 to 10 cars can be reproduced by combining each set.
・ Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel.
・ Head / tail lights and front display lights (with off switch) for each car. Headlights are light bulb color, front display is white
・ Each car uses a body-mounted tightlock coupler without hooks.
・ The basic set includes a 10-car book case. Can store vehicles with 4-car add-on set and leading car 2-car add-on set
・ By using Hobby Center Kato's "Product No. 28-242-1 Tobu Railway 8000 Series Upgrade Seal 1 (updated car / curtain type display)", you can change the car number to change the formation seen on the Tobu Line and Noda Line. Reproducible
・ DCC friendly