Kato 10-1661 E261 Saphir ODORIKO Basic 4-Car N Scale
Kato 10-1661 E261 Saphir ODORIKO Basic 4-Car N Scale
Kato 10-1661 E261 Saphir ODORIKO Basic 4-Car N Scale

Kato 10-1661 E261 Saphir ODORIKO Basic 4-Car N Scale

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Scale model of the latest streamlined tour express train “Saphir Odoriko” will be released from Kato with this logo printed on the sides of train. Saphir is a French word meaning blue jewel sapphire.
E261 “Saphir Odoriko” is a new sightseeing limited express which appeared in Mar., 2020 at the time of train schedule revision under the new promotional concept of “Experience true IZU for adults!”
The body is painted in the gradated dark gray belt surrounding the windows as well as in glossy colors of blue and white symbolizing clear sky and calm sea in Izu province. The train consists of cars furnished with more confortable seats than the usual 1st class (green) ) cars' and a diner dubbed “noodle car” only. The cars are installed with light skylights. The seats are arranged recently and the compartments are roomy.

Kato Features Features
-Reproduced with coloring that imaged the beautiful sea and sky of Izu
-Reproduce the characteristic top shape, open skylight, and beautiful glossy gradation band.
-Reproduce the appearance that the skylight and body of each vehicle are integrated without steps.
・ Headlights, indicator lights, table lamps that are characteristic of dining cars, and lighting at the bottom of the wall are lit up.
-The chair is reproduced in car 1 ... gray, car 2-3 ... brown, car 4 ... dark brown, car 5-8 ... beige.
-The coupler is equipped with a close-coupled dummy coupler at the beginning, and a body-mounted KATO hookless close-coupled coupler as standard equipment at the middle.
-Head light / tail light standard equipment. The LED lighting status of the headlights and indicator lights, and the table lamps and lower wall lighting that are characteristic of the dining car Sashi E261 are lit up.
-Equipped with a motor with a flywheel, stable running is possible. Supports DCC decoder installation
・ The specially planned product is a blue 8-car book case with a special binding sleeve.
The 4-car basic set is set with a foam insole + cosmetic box, and the 4-car add-on set is set with an 8-car book case (blue, basic set vehicle can be stored).