Kato 10-1686 Series 813-200 Basic Set (3-Car) N Scale
Kato 10-1686 Series 813-200 Basic Set (3-Car) N Scale
Kato 10-1686 Series 813-200 Basic Set (3-Car) N Scale

Kato 10-1686 Series 813-200 Basic Set (3-Car) N Scale

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The current series 813, a popular standard suburban electric train in North Kyushu, will appear as an N-scale model from Kato.
Series 813 is the first train equipped with VVVF inverter of JR Kyushu. The total of 255 cars was manufactured till 2009 and put in service centering in Hakata and Kita Kyushu regions. Depending on the manufacturing ages, train Nos. are divided. Trains numbered 200s make the largest group which was produced between 1997 and 1998. Trains numbered 300s make a small group consisting of 3 trains only which is distinguished in the appearance from the former with the UV protective smoked window panes.
Series 813 can be operated as a 6 car or a 9 car train as well as a compact 3 car train in the scale model like the real train depending on the laid out track and your preference. Combining it with series 415-100, “Seven Stars in Kyushu”, Series 787, 883 and 885 limited expresses will represent the railway scenery in and around Hakata.

813 series 200s and 300s
・ Commercialized a prototype of a car belonging to the South Fukuoka Vehicle District
・ Front display: "Ogura" is installed for the 3-car basic / 3-car add-on set, and "Mojiko" is installed for the specially planned 6-car set.
Side display is set with white printing for stickers
・ The 300th generation features smoked glass
-Reproduce the appearance that the fog light part is not lit like the actual car
-The roof color is silver, and the black line at the boundary between the frontal region and the body is reproduced.
-Realistic reproduction of the detailed vehicle design unique to JR Kyushu Railway Company
・ Set the first additional set this time
-Reproduce the on-roof equipment around the complex pantograph that is characteristic of AC trains
-Reproduce the low-waisted low-floor car body that eliminates the steps of the passenger door
・ Head / tail light on (with off switch)
-Achieves smooth running performance with a power unit equipped with a flywheel and suspension mechanism
-Side printing is expressed in white. Destination display sticker included