Kato 10-1696 KIHA 283 “Ozora” 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1696 KIHA 283 “Ozora” 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1696 KIHA 283 “Ozora” 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale

Kato 10-1696 KIHA 283 “Ozora” 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale

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JR Hokkaido in the northern main island of Japan started operation of Series Kiha283 Express Train "Super-Ozora" ("Blue Sky") in 1997. This is a pendulum diesel train, an improved version of Kiha 281 operated as express "Super-Hokuto" "" (" Northern Stars").

It exceeds its predecessor in many respects, such as body shape, passenger car equipment, state-of-art high-power motor and linked self-controlling pendulum trucks. In appearance, the pilot cars are featured with a silver stainless-steel passenger part combined in one body with the blue steel car-top in the locomotive and with the logo "FURICO 283" on the side, meaning pendulum type series Kiha283.

Compared to the Kiha281, the Kiha283 has several big differences. The ventilators are removed from the rooftop, making the train appear more streamlined. The windows on the body sides, which were combined in a line on the 281, are now clearly separated from each other. The front train mark and body-side displays are now made with LED.

Features Features

● N-Scale model beased on prototype Series Kiha 283 "Super-Ozora" with reinforced side windows

● Precise representation of the sharp and original form and letterings in many spots

● Equipped with pendlum mechanism which is improved to enable the train to tilt and run as smoothly as the prototype

● Beautiful representation of vivid blue and stainless-silver coloring robust pilot cars with logo "Furico 283" shinging body and heavy trucks

● Precise representation of the streemlined pilot cars with high cabin and through door

Optional Parts

● Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear) Item No .: 11-221 ¥ 792

● Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (Clear) Item No .: 11-212 ¥ 3,960

● Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear / Bulb Color) Item No.: 11-213 ¥ 792