Kato 10-1787	Series E231-1000 Tokaido Line 5-Car Auxiliary Set (N)
Kato 10-1787	Series E231-1000 Tokaido Line 5-Car Auxiliary Set (N)

Kato 10-1787 Series E231-1000 Tokaido Line 5-Car Auxiliary Set (N)

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10-1787 Series E231-1000 Tokaido Line 5-Car Auxiliary Set

-The E231 series 1000 series is a suburban type of the E231 series DC general electric train introduced in 2000 to replace the aging 113 series and 115 series, and is made of stainless steel with toilet facilities and a semi-cross seat interior. This is a manufactured vehicle.
-Differences can be seen between the 8 new cars built on the Tokaido Line in 2004 and the 2 cars built in, such as the shape of the cooler and the presence or absence of preparation work for the external speakers on the curtain plate.
-It is commercialized in its current form with the underfloor equipment updated in 2021.
-We will accurately reproduce the changes in the underfloor equipment and the green car bogie with the yaw damper removed.
*The attached organization is a prototype of an unupdated car.

-You can enjoy the operation of the Shonan-Shinjuku Line and Ueno-Tokyo Line by using the 28-280 E231 series 1000 series upgrade sticker (handled by Hobby Center Kato) that will be released at the same time.

[Product features]
-Commercialization of the K-20 formation of the Kozu Vehicle Center, whose equipment has been updated since 2021, and the S-19 formation of unupdated cars.
-Reproduce the underfloor equipment of the updated Moha E230/Moha E231 (the attached organization reproduces the form of the unupdated car)
- Salo E231/E230 trolley reproduces the form with the yaw damper removed
●Representing the stroller mark seen in recent years through printing
-The front glass of the first car expresses a black mask for the destination display and operation number display.
-Reproduce the large front skirt
-The interior of the semi-cross seat vehicle and long seat vehicle, which is a characteristic of suburban vehicles, is reproduced as it is in the actual vehicle.
- Beautifully and realistically reproduces the difference in silver color tone unique to stainless steel vehicles
●Power unit with flywheel provides smooth running *This is not a slotless motor.
-The first car is equipped with headlights/taillights as standard equipment. Car No. 10 (Kuha E231-8520) and Car No. 11 (Kuha E230-6047) have a light off switch.
●The intermediate connection part is equipped with a body-mounted KATO coupler as standard. Realizes a realistic connection surface and smooth running
-The top connection part of cars 1 and 15 uses a dummy coupler, and the top connection part of cars 10 and 11 uses a KATO coupler tightly connected type (no hook), and an electric connection is included.
-In addition, each set includes one coupler and one electric connection for connection with conventional products.
-Additional set A (4 cars) uses a 10-car book case, and can store the contents of the basic set (4 cars) and add-on set B (2 cars).

【set content】
●Kuha E230-6047
●Moha E230-1088
●Moha E231-1088(M)
●Saha E231-3047
●Kuha E231-8047

●Roof equipment (train radio antenna/signal flame tube)
●Destination display sticker
●Driver for light off switch
-Replacement body mount close coupler (no hook)
●Electronic connection (1 stage)