Kato 10-1821 Series 789 1000 "Kamui/Suzuran" 5-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1821 Series 789 1000 "Kamui/Suzuran" 5-Car Set (N)

Kato 10-1821 Series 789 1000 "Kamui/Suzuran" 5-Car Set (N)

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The latest express train that connects Sapporo and other places
JR Hokkaido's 789 series 1000 trains are operated as "Kamuy" between Sapporo and Asahikawa, and "Suzuran" between Sapporo and Muroran. The origin of "Kamuy" comes from the Ainu language for a high-ranking spiritual being with deity.
Inheriting the high cab design and the urban silver impression of the 785 series, it appeared in 2007 as the L Express "Super Kamuy" and the rapid "Airport", replacing the conventional 781 series. Attractive features include the sharp headlights, the beauty of the short but well-proportioned 5-car train, the fully covered underfloor equipment to prevent snow buildup, and JR Hokkaido's unique reserved seat service, "U-Seat." In addition, we use KATO's unique technology to reproduce the modern silver metallic stainless steel body and the difference in texture of the steel forehead.

- Accurately reproduces the high cab, smart non-penetrating front part, and unique body cross section.
- Commercialized the HL-1004 formation belonging to the Sapporo driving office as a prototype. The state of the ladder hanging under the front driver's cab is reproduced, and the skirt reproduces the form where the opening is blocked.
-Realistic reproduction of equipment unique to vehicles for snowy areas, such as fully covered underfloor equipment to prevent snow build-up and snow guards on the roofs of vehicles adjacent to the pantograph section.
-In addition to the snow plow skirt, the one attached to the top truck is also reproduced
-Beautifully reproduces the corporate color light green and violet band with the scent of lavender on the silver metallic body.
-Reproduce the difference in the color of the stainless steel body, crew door, and passenger door and the front of the head.
- Reproduce the high voltage equipment around the pantograph and white insulators that are typical of AC trains
- Reproduce the anti-slip of the roof run board with black printing
- Accurately reproduce the model notation, end notation, security device notation, car number, non-smoking car mark, U seat mark, wheelchair mark, and formation number notation on the driver's cab window by printing.
-The first coupler is a dummy coupler with a silver coupler cover attached. Train radio antenna, signal flame tube, and FM radio antenna are also installed.
-The intermediate connection part uses a body mount close coupler (no hook)
●Slotless motor provides smooth and quiet running performance
- "Kamuy" is already installed on the front display. ``Suzuran'', ``JR'', ``Super Kamuy'', ``Super Kamuy/Airport'', ``Home Liner'', and ``Normal'' are included as replacements. Side view printed in black
-Destination display stickers include destinations that correspond to the front nickname display, as well as priority seat display that was affixed until the withdrawal of "Airport" operation in March 2016.
●DCC friendly
- Accessories: Replacement front display ("Suzuran", "JR", "Super Kamuy", "Super Kamuy/Airport", "Home Liner", "Normal") x 2 each, destination display sticker