Kato 10-1841 Series 283 Ocean Arrow 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1841 Series 283 Ocean Arrow 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1841 Series 283 Ocean Arrow 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale

Kato 10-1841 Series 283 Ocean Arrow 3-Car Add-On Set N Scale

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-The 283 series is a pendulum-type express train of JR West that appeared in 1996 as the [Super Kuroshio (Ocean Arrow)], connecting Shin-Osaka with Shingu and Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture.
- Equipped with a controlled natural pendulum that is more stable than the conventional 381 series, it can run on the Kisei Main Line, which has many short curved sections, at a speed of +35km/h, improving comfort and reducing travel time.
-The leading car has two types of leading designs: a non-penetrating type and a penetrating type.The non-penetrating type is a streamlined panoramic green car with a sense of speed like a dolphin, and has a large window at the front where you can enjoy the front view from inside the car. It's a feature.

-We will commercialize the currently popular <Ocean Arrow> with a pendulum mechanism.
-It is operated in a 6-car or 9-car formation, and if you purchase all 3 sets, you will have all the existing cars (A formation 6 trains x 2, B and C formations for addition).

[Product features]
-Prototype is basic set: HB601 formation, extension set: HB631 formation, 9-car set: HB602 formation + HB632 formation. After removing the smoking room partition of Kuro 282 and 283, the car side indicator light
-Reproduce the form before expansion and before installing the customer door step
-Accurately reproduces the style full of speed, including the streamlined panoramic green car like a dolphin and refreshing coloring.
- Reproduce the continuous smoke-tinted side window that feels integrated with the side of the car body.
-The pantograph reproduces the form of one horn
●Equipped with KATO's unique pendulum mechanism that tilts the vehicle body toward the inside of the curve.
●The adoption of a slotless motor provides even smoother and quieter running performance.
●Headlight/taillight lighting. The headlights use bulb-colored LEDs. All through-type lead cars (Kuha 282/283) have a light off switch.
-The front of the middle connecting part and through-type top car uses a body mount close coupler (no hook). Kuha 282 and 283 front parts have a skirt for appearance and a skirt for connection.
-Destination display sticker included
- 9-car set: 6-car book case x 2, 6-car basic set: 6-car book case, 3-car additional set: 3-car book case. A book case with a 9-car set and a 3-car add-on set.
●Can store contents
-Moha 283 and Moha 283-200 with 3-car attached formations can incorporate the 28-284 283 series attached power unit released by Hobby Center Kato.
●DCC friendly

【set content】
●Kuha 282-701
●Moha 283-201
●Kuro 283-1

●Driver for light off switch
-Electric train (2 stages) x 1 car

[Related optional parts]
-11-213/214 LED interior light clear (bulb color)/6 cars included
-28-284 283 series attached power unit for organization (Hobby Center Kato handling)